Summary: God builds His people together for their benefit and to show His Kingdom in the world.

Sermon: "Living Bricks" Anderson

Isaiah 62:1-5; I Cor. 12:1-11; John 2:1-11

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In the light of Epiphany, as it shines in the

words, hearts and hands of God’s people, I

would like to share two texts from today’s

readings. First from the prophet Isaiah, the

62nd chapter, in Jesus name: "The nations

will see your righteousness, and all kings

your glory; you will be called by a new name

that the mouth of the LORD will bestow."

(Isaiah 62:2 NIV) Also, we read from the

inspired words of St. Paul: 4 "There are

different kinds of gifts, but the same

Spirit. 5 There are different kinds of

service, but the same Lord. 6 There are

different kinds of working, but the same God

works all of them in all men." (1 Corinthians

12 NIV)

Beloved brothers and sisters of Epiphany’s

light: Grace, mercy and peace in the Light

that Jesus brings... the light that empowers

us to be torchbearers to others. Amen.

The Spartan king boasted to a visiting

dignitary that his walls were virtually

impregnable. The dignitary was astonished

that the Spartan king could make such a claim

because there were no walls surrounding the


"Where are the walls?" he asked. The king

pointed to his infantry who were disciplined,

alert and excellently prepared and equipped

to meet the enemy. "These," he said, "are

the walls of Sparta; every man a brick."

As I look around the sanctuary, I see bricks

in God’s kingdom. I’ve seen many of you at

Board meetings, serving on committees,

working in the kitchen, teaching in Sunday

school... you are bricks in God’s kingdom.

But as I say this, I hasten to make one

clarification. A brick is a thing merely

important for its function. You are not

merely things to God.

The bricklayer wouldn’t dive off the scaffold

and give his life to break the fall of a

dropped brick. YET GOD’S OWN SON gave His

life to break your fall, and my fall, into

the pit of hell.

So when I call you “living bricks,” I mean

more than that you are important only for

your Christian service. You are important,

not because of what you do, but because God

loves you so much that He sent the Messiah--

His own Son-- who died to save you.

Having saved you, God now builds you up in

Christ. Part of being touched very

personally by Jesus... part of being molded

in our Christian character, is being

connected to other Christians. No man is an



the picture language of a fable, you were a

wretched youth from your birth. Despising

your father’s authority and spurning his love

you went out on your own and did what you

pleased. You entertained the lusts of the

heart as you danced to a worldly piper.

But when the piper demanded payment, the only

compensation he would accept was your life.

But your Father worked out a Substitute. His

loyal Son, and your loving Brother, died in

your place.

The Father’s love, however, was stronger than

death. Your Brother returned from the grave.

His love... the Father’s love, had the power

to do what you couldn’t do. In your

resurrection from death, your heart was

changed from stone and became living flesh.

You were taken from a dark prison. You were

washed and clothed and your wounds were

healed. But the love of God did not stop

there. Knowing that humans were not created

to be alone, he brought you to a great hall.

Many, many people filled the great hall.

There was a banquet table. Over-stuffed

chairs, clustered in groups, were scattered

about the room. Projects were underway, as

people laughed and talked and sang and


My friends, in Christ you have been made

complete in every way. You are saved from

eternal damnation. You are clothed in

righteousness. You are entrusted into a

fellowship with other brothers and sisters of

the faith. And you are empowered to carry

out projects within the Great Hall of God’s


You are living bricks, and St. Peter’s is the

house that we compose. St. Peter’s is not

what you see in these walls. It’s you who

sit in the pews!

St. Peter’s is not the wonderful light that

streams through are spacious windows. It’s

the light of Epiphany flowing from your

hearts and hands into the world. THANK GOD

FOR ST. PETER’S! Therefore, thank God for

each of you, and the special gifts He has

given you.


that his soldiers are his walls, so we

understand that St. Peter’s is her people--

given a new name, as Isaiah prophesied-- a

"chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy

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