Summary: Is it possible to live a “G-rated” life (godly) in a “R-rated” society (raunchy)?

Living Godly In An Ungodly World

Ephesians 4:17-32

Introduction: Is it possible to live a “G-rated” life (godly) in a “R-rated” society (raunchy)? Listen to Paul’s words. Again in v.17, he calls us to walk (live). See 4:1. The Gentiles came from a pagan background. They brought with them into the Christian life a lot of “baggage” (garbage). Don’t we all? They needed instructions in how to live the new life. Paul lists four areas all of us need to heed.

I. Our Character (v.17-21)

If we are saved there should be a difference:

A. In Our Walk (v.17): “Vanity” = madness, pride, conceit. Don’t imitate your present evil environment. Their walk was dominated by their thinking. See Rom. 12:1-2.

B. In Our Wisdom (v.18): A picture of tragic hopelessness. They walked in vanity because their understanding was darkened, they were alienated (cut-off) and blind (hardened, calloused).

C. In Our Work (v.19-21): They kept alive their desires for evil. They weren’t bothered by conscience. “Lasciviousness” = shameless conduct. They thought nothing of immoral, indecent behavior.

II. Our Conduct (v.22-28)

There are things to:

A. Put-off (v.22): Change your mental outlook and manner of life. Cease the old way of life. Daily conversion must follow initial conversion. But remember, the old nature usually dies slowly. Note v.23. The thinking must be changed. Put off “lying” (v.25). Put off “anger” (v.26). Put off stealing (v.28).

B. Put-on (v.24): Note “truthfulness”, “forgiveness”, “honesty”.

III. Our Conversation (v.29)

“Corrupt speech” = rotten, defiling, an improper use of tongue. A recent article in our newspapers conveyed how our society is becoming more and more profane in language.

IV. Our Communion (v.30-32)

A. With The Spirit (v.30): “Grieve.” We grieve him by not listening, following or submitting. Stop causing him pain and distress.

B. With The Saints (v.31-32): These two verses alone would be enough to preach on for quite a while. Do a good word study on each of these words.

Conclusion: This outline was borrowed from John Philips – New Testament Outlines.

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