Summary: Part one of a two part series on Godly X-Factors that make the equations of our life make sense.

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The X-Factor - Week 1

1 TIMOTHY 6:6-10 & 17-21

INTRODUCTION OF SERIES: (Sermon video intro :32)

You know, the letter “X” can have a number of connotations. For example “X” can stand for mystery like in the X-Files or the X-Men. “X” can be used to shorten something like in using “Xmas” for Christmas, “Xtra” or “X-press.” X can also stand for something in the extreme like the X-Games or even for those who could not write they often made their “X.” But “X” can also be a factor for something of value. For example in math, finding the X is what gives the equation completeness or makes sense of the problem. Or how about “X” marks the spot? There the “X” usually means treasure. Well, for the next three weeks we want to look at several biblical X-Factors of value.

These qualities, if recognized and utilized can help complete our lives and although we won’t discover them at any specific geographical location, finding them can bring us real and lasting treasure. Next week we’ll look at how giving can be an X-Factor as we discover a great “X-change” - how sharing what we have ends up blessing us! But today, we want to begin by Xploring the quality of gratitude. God tells us several times that this “X-Factor” can lead to a much wanted result: contentment. But before we begin let’s ask God to bless our time together this morning as well as in the weeks to come as we look at some of his most important “X-Factors.” (Pray)


Phil Connors is a self-centered weather reporter who is experiencing one heck of a day. In fact, he’s reliving this one day over and over again, the same day repeating itself it’s - Groundhog day. Every day is exactly the same in the way it unfolds. Phil knows everything that’s going to happen before it happens. Each day is predictable but also another opportunity for Phil to change. Finally, he comes to care for the people he once disdained. Because he knows exactly what is going to happen he begins helping them in ways that only he knows they need. What he learns is that his divine-like intervention can be a thankless job.

{Video Clip - Groundhog Day - Start: Chp. 23: 01:21:54 - End: Chp.24: 01:23:30 = 1:36}

Most of us are like Phil. We expect gratitude to be expressed and that those who don’t are brats. And yet all of us are guilty of being ungrateful. The more I study the Bible the more I am haunted by how often I take God’s care for granted or how many times I am more greedy than grateful. I am often reminded of that by my own complaining. I have so much and yet I tend to complain about either not having enough or about what I do have. Paul says in vs:8 of our text, "As long as we have food and clothes, we should be content."(GW) And yet I complain that my ‘95 Explorer is a gas guzzler and I don’t have a 6 CD changer in my 2004 Pilot, yet I own 2 cars! I complain that my clothes are getting "old hat" yet I have a closet full of them. I remember a very “living gratefully” moment when I was on a missionary trip to Haiti. In one village where we stayed for several days I noticed a little boy looking at my feet. Not thinking about the fact that I had changed shoes because we were going to walk a while that day, I asked the little guy what he was looking at. To which he asked, “Mister, how many shoes do you have?” I was embarrassed to tell him that I had more pairs of tennis shoes then he had shoes at all. And I doubt I’m alone in this battle to live a thankful life.

How do we live grateful lives? The writer of the book of 1Timothy has some advice that will help us. His name is Paul and he has the experience and basically says, “You can live gratefully and here’s how.” Now whether or not you are a Christian or believe the Bible is inspired or think Paul speaks from God, here is a man who is worth listening to. Kind of like those “info-mercials” or weight loss commercials, you’re not sure if it’s true but you’re willing to plop down “$19.99 to take a shot because people are saying they’ve tried and it and it has worked and you need it. Well, Paul wrote these verses from prison. He’s without anything but chains and without anyone but guards and yet he says, “As long as I have food and clothes I’m content.” So, as we “x-plore” these verses let’s take it from someone who had done it and incorporate 3 words into our minds so that we can remember these instructions.

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