Summary: . Our unity is in Christ- allowing His life to be lived out in us- letting the humility of Jesus Christ flow in and out of our MINDS.


(Philippians 1:12-26; 2:1-13; 3:7-21; 4:4-19)

Part 11


Philippians 2:1-13)


A. Of dogs

a. recognized as “man’s best friend”

b. dogs remain loyal to his master

Unfortunately, such “dogged” determination is often lacking among those who claim Jesus as Master. We are too easily influenced by the apathetic attitude of our time rather than by unwavering devotion to duty and service.

B. Lesson background

a. Its about promoting peace and unity in the church. Our unity is in Christ- allowing His life to be lived out in us- letting the humility of Jesus Christ flow in and out of our MINDS.

Today’s sermon challenges each of us to “let this mind be in you.” This is part 2 of our four part series on Living In Christ.

In last week study, we observed how chapter 1 of Philippians deals with the matter here and hereafter- that expresses our faith in Christ and thus promotes joy and peace in the body of believers.

Jesus sole purpose was to do the will of the father who sent Him.

I. Be of One Mind (2:1-4)

A. Looking to Jesus (vv. 1, 2)

At first reading of verse 1, the repeated if might suggest that Paul doubted whether the Philippians had received any consolation (encouragement) from being in Christ, any comfort from His love, any meaningful fellowship with the Holy Spirit, or any, mercies or compassion.

In Christ all of these blessing are surely to be found in us. The Holy Spirit is the power who enables the Christian to live by that example. God’s love should overwhelm us.

The very beat of His Spirit is to encourage, comfort, and strengthen believers to be one in spirit and busy about the ministry of His Church.

The word says "if any fellowship with the Spirit." Fellow

ship is more than being good friends or having a good time together. Fellowship involves recognition that we serve a common

Lord and Savior. It doesn’t come by us singing songs, or get

ting all worked up.

Note: The if in this sentence introduces a construction known as a “particular condition.” It means that on the condition stated in the first clause a particular response is warranted.

Since all the virtues listed above are to be expected in persons who are in Christ, let those God given forces be put to work…

Fellowship comes as a result of living day to day for Jesus Christ. This is what God calls us to do. Fellowship is one of the reasons God called us.

“Be likeminded, having the same love…of one accord, of one mind.” Paul did not expect total uniformity; but he did expect their mind-set, attitude, and commitment to be centered on Christ.

The love of Christ stirs a person to keep the unity with other believers. The Mind of Christ is set upon unity and fellowship- all centered around Jesus Christ. The church and its believers are to have the same mind.

B. Not Self-centered (v.3)

1. stripe- is that combative spirit that puts down another for the sake of one’s own advancement.

2. vainglory- describes the empty honor frequently associated with wealth, position or power.

Church should put off these kinds of trait but instead….

The spirit that must prevail in a strong church is that of humility or lowliness of mind.

Paul’s command to esteem others as better than ourselves contrasts sharply with the me-centered self-centered philosophy of our age. Let us freely acknowledge the fact, especially if doing so will encourage them in their service to the Lord.

c. Considering Others (v.4)

We are to look…. On the things of others, not with a covetous heart, but with a concerned one. Thoughtful considerations of the wishes and needs of others is the order of the Christian’s day.

This does not mean that we neglect our daily needs and responsibility. The word also tells us that others are to be considered in addition to, not instead of, one’s own legitimate needs.

He needs to be out…

• Visiting

• Helping

• Sharing

• Listening

• Counseling

• Teaching

II Christ Shows the Way (2:5-8)

1. According to Bible students these verses comprised an early Christian hymn.

2. Whatever their origin, this passage is a magnificent statement concerning Jesus and illustrates the principles of serving others.

A. His example (v.5) A person’s basic frame of mind (his attitude) will be reflected in all he thinks about, says, and does. The verse before us presents Christ Jesus as the One who should be the determining influence in the believer’s mind-set

Jesus Christ is the Person who dwelt in all the glory of perfection, but He humble Himself and came to this corruptible world that knows little else other than selfishness, greed and death. Just imagine the enormous step down that Jesus had to take to become man. It is utterly impossible to grasp the humility it took. Yet, this is exactly what He did and it is what we are to do. The very same mind that existed in Jesus Christ- that led Christ to give up everything He was and had- that very MIND is to be in us.

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