Summary: Let God look deep into your heart


Part 3

I say it costs much to break from the destiny that’s arranged for us.

See this woman that took this little babe when she got him among the bull rushes in that little cradle.

Brother, she had something in mind.

There was an arrangement made for that boy.

Somebody said, how do you know she had that in mind.

She sent him to the best schools, got him the best education that could be gained in those days.

He was thoroughly schooled and she had one thing in mind.

His destiny was the top.

And, brother, it takes something to break with the destiny that’s arranged for us.

I don’t know whether I can get this thought across to you but I want to tell you this morning.

You can never do it unless you definitely believe in another destiny that God has for you.

You can’t overcome that destiny by just quitting it, lay it aside.

You’ve got to have another destiny stronger, working stronger in your life if you ever overcome that one.

See. He just didn’t refuse. When he refused,

Come on the only way you can begin feeling to whether you got the goods like Moses had,

Would be to have the Republican committee come in and say, well, George has so messed himself up that we’ve got to have somebody to run for president and we’d like to have you.

We’re ready.

We have a good feeling, we actually believe that we can put enough push behind you we can put you in the White House.

What do you say? Just refuse them right to their face.

I’m not going to do it. I wouldn’t do it for nothing.

Well, what in the world would you turn down this top position for?

Cause I’ve got a higher position. And that’s exactly why Moses turned that down.

He just didn’t refuse that, he had already made a choice!

Thank God he had some spiritual understanding!

He had already chose that he would rather suffer affliction with the people of God.

He’d rather work and be a servant of God!

As far as Moses’ understanding was a mind’s a saint.

Being a servant of God is the highest calling there is here on the earth!

Oh, yes it is. Paul wrote to us about our high calling.

Brother, it’s a high calling when God chooses you to be his servant then I want you to leave the life of sin.

Turn your life over to me and start living for me and doing what I ask you to do.

Needless to say Moses didn’t know what he was committing his life to.

Little did he know that in short time, my friend, that he would be called of God to deliver 7 million people with nothing but a stick and his donkey

Little did he know where his commitment would lead him.

But he chose, he refused and he chose just as sure as we’re here.

He went on, my friend, and let us see that he refused the luxurious ease, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.

He refused the luxurious ease that meant moral benumbment.

Oh, I can’t stop there and preach but I’d like to.

Friend, let’s face it. All it takes is too much ease.

Too much luxurious ease will cause our burden for the loss to wain.

You know that from experience.

Friend, he knew that luxurious ease would cause, my friend, moral benumbment and stop his ears from the cries and wale’s and the needy and the oppressed.

He would live in comfort which would destroy his sympathy for others.

Did you ever see people living in too much luxurious ease that’s got any sympathy on anybody else? No.

Their attitude is, boy, you can work and get it just like I got it.

Moses understood what it would bring.

He refused the pleasures of sin, the courts of the royal family was abounding with opportunities to indulge in sin.

Had he followed the pattern, his senses would have been gratified to a point of choking.

One is well said, our senses are intended to be passages. Not living rooms.

We do irreparable wrong to our beings, when we dwell in physical gratification.

And neglect the quiet inter-sanctuary of the spirit.

Moses refused the pleasures of sin. Why?

He would not, he would not have pleasure’s things with opprecian and blood.

Even though there is not time to dwell there.

I ask you to stop and think what you are a part of in God’s book when you are engaged so in worldly pleasure. Amen.

I am not here to draw the line how much pleasure in this world you find and still be a Christian.

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