Summary: A look at Spiritual Growth according to Paul

I. (vs. 5) Christ completed work

A. Eternal Salvation

1. vs. 4 kindness and love of God appeared

2. initiating and fulfilling the act of salvation

3. totally of God’s action

B. The result of God’s purpose in Christ

1. He saved us

2. not because of our deeds

a. what we have done before salvation

b. what we will do after salvation

3. totally of God’s mercy, kindness, and love

a. mercy is God’s underlying motivation to save the lost

b. God’s mercy is set in the context of God’s love (Eph. 2:4)

II. The process of regeneration (washing, regeneration, renewal, and the Holy

Spirit) (3:5)

A. "Washing" John 3:5 (born of water sand of spirit); Ezk 36:25-27 (God

cleanses his people and gives them a new heart and a new spirit)

B. I Cor 6:11 Christians are washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of Jesus

and in God’s Spirit

C. Water/washing/cleansing

- closely related concepts but distinguished from each other just as

washed/sanctified/justified are in I Cor 6:11

III. An Inner transformation

A. Washing/renewal (5)

1. focus on forgiveness of past sins

2. washing is metaphor for forgiveness

3. Renewal (Romans 12:2; Col 3:10)

a. Eph 4:24 (put on the new person created in God’s image

b. 2 Cor 5:17 ( we are a new creation)

4. we have been created fresh (new birth)

-our minds are being renewed (made new again)

B. We are renewed internally, heart, mind, and soul

C. Who performs this renewal? The Holy Spirit (2 Thes 2:13 salvation through

sanctification by the Spirit)

IV. (6) The truth unfolded

A. The Holy Spirit has been poured out in abundance (lavishly) through Jesus Christ

1. image of water/washing/pouring out

2. water doesn’t wash away sin, the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our

savior does by forgiving us

B. "US" who received the Holy Spirit?

1. vs. 3 "we" were enslaved to sin

2. vs. 2 "we" lived sinful lives

3. vs.5 not because of works of righteousness "we" have done

- He, God, saved US

C. The purpose for our salvation (our justification by His grace)

1. it is our present privilege to be born again and to live for God in this life

2. it is a present privilege to be heirs of the heavenly kingdom and are

future privilege to take possession of our heavenly kingdom

V. A faithful saying (vs. 4-7)

A. Has spelled out what God has done for us

B. Also spelled out what God is going to do for us

C. All on the bases of God’s attitude and kindness towards mankind

D. We are called upon to express the same attitude and kindness to the lost world

around us, because as heirs we are to reflect God

E. This faithful saying (all of the above)

1. Paul fervently request

2. Titus to constantly affirm

3. for the purpose of motivation to good works

4. All of these things (2-8) are beneficial to all people (lost and saved)

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