Summary: Living By Faith rather than fear

Living Scared

Matthew 8: 18-27

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, speech (inaugural address, 1933)

When our actions do not,

Our fears do make us traitors.



Everybody has a phobia/fear

It robs

The person who fears nothing is not realistic

I. Fear is not from God

2 Tim 1:7

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power

In the text the word used is the greek word for the word coward

II. Discipleship calls for total commitment

III. Discipleship means You Expect the Unexpected

IV. Discipleship means you experience magnificence of Jesus

David said, ‘When I am afraid I will trust You, my Lord and Savior’ (Psalm 56:3).

David didn’t say that when he was afraid he would go to therapy or repent or go on vacation. In the face of fear, David trusted God. That is a decision we can make. It is an act of faith.

Do you realize what you have? Power, love, and a sound mind.

You have it, so use it. You have the power to trust and to love.

No matter how weak and fearful you are, His power and love are sufficient.

Rely on Him, look to Him, and laugh at your fears.

They will come back, but so will the grace of King Jesus! Do not be afraid!

Why did God give us the feeling of fear? He gave it to us for several good reasons — to preserve us from injury, to develop a reverential attitude to him, and to develop in us faith and courage.

Faith is trusting God against the physical evidence.

Courage is doing what your feelings say you cannot do but God says you can do.

Every fearful believer can, through the power of the indwelling Spirit, become courageous.

We can choose to trust and love God in all circumstances and experience the meltdown of internal fear.

It may sometimes take time, but it will happen.

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