Summary: We should be thankful because when we are in Jesus, we are presented to a just and righteous God without blemish. Paul reminds the church of Corinth (and us as well) that living for Christ is a matter of thankfulness.

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Living Thankful

1 Corinthians 1:4-9


- This evening, we are going to take a short break from our normal pattern

- Thankfulness is a calling that each of us has for one purpose: To remember

-- In the good times and the bad, God calls us to live lives of thankfulness

-- To remember that we are called to not only witness; but to testify to Him

- I’d like to examine Paul’s take on thankfulness for one purpose:

-- In everything we face, being mindful of who God is should be critical to us

-- No matter the situation, it should be exhibited in our lives at all times

- We serve a God who is mighty and just; and if He desires – He can remove us

-- Our very next breath is dependent on His will to allow us to live

-- And so for even that, we can be thankful that we are alive and here tonight

- Read 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Our lives are a testimony (4-6)

- Paul is thankful for the testimony of what is happening

- He is grateful that many are living for Jesus; and more so that they are testifying

- Think of it like a pastor whose church has sent out missionaries

-- There should be a sense of pride in what they are doing; evangelizing the world

-- In this same sense, Paul gives thanks for what is happening in Corinth

- Remember -- when Paul gets friendly, there are “encouragements” coming

- Re: Corinth was loaded with issues and really had some problems to it

Mark Copeland writes, “It appears from reading the epistle that the church was adversely affected by the immoral environment found in the city. Pride caused division in the church and disruption in the services (1Co 1-4, 11). Immorality and immodesty found its way into the church, which gave it a bad reputation (1Co 5). The brethren were taking their personal problems with each other before the heathen courts instead of working them out among themselves (1Co 6). Other issues affecting the church included questions about marriage (1Co 7), meats sacrificed to idols (1Co 8-10), women praying and prophesying with heads uncovered (1Co 11), the use of spiritual gifts (1Co 12-14), the resurrection from the dead (1Co 15), and the collection for the saints in Jerusalem (1Co 16).”

- There is a distinct reminder here to all that read this to remember what they know

-- IMP: The people in Corinth were NEW believers; recent converts to Christ (v5)

-- They were enthusiastic, participators, and could be relevant to reach the world

- Paul declares several things about those who follow Christ:

• We have been enriched

• We have been enlightened

• We have been treated as royalty

- APP: Remember, our treatment from God is unmerited and undeserved (grace)

- We have been granted the privilege of testifying and serving

-- The output of God’s Spirit in us is the witness that we show every day

- IMP: It is because we serve a mighty God that the bad times are opportunities

-- If we live a life that glories God we will show others what we have

- The testimony of the disciples is confirmed in who WE are right now

-- Because of who Jesus is, we can display a sense a pride in how we live (v6)

-- If Jesus is truly “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6), then we’ll live it

- To have our testimony confirmed means that we live how we are taught

-- If we will live how we are taught, then we’ll be willing to give everything we are

- TRANS: It is in this giving that we truly LIVFE how God intends us too

∆ Point 2 – Living the Life (7-9)

- We must live a life that seeks to give glory to Jesus in everything we do

-- While we wait for His revealing, it brings us to a life of anxious worship/service

- Re: The fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23): love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

- Re: Gifts of the Spirit (Isa 11:2-3): wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord

- Paul reminds them (v7) that they have already received everything they need

-- And we too have already received what Christ has promised to give us (v8)

- Re: Jesus is the one who brings us strength (Phil 4:13); there is nothing we do

-- APP: But we are to be blameless before the Christ; the sovereign God

-- IMP: We are then made righteous before a King who accepts no excuses

- HUGE: God’s faithfulness is not in question; it is assured throughout history

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