Summary: This is a sermon tosee the abundant life that Christ spoke of in John 10:10. The life that bears the Image of God in us is the life that Christ Jesus lived.

Living the Life of Jesus

John 14:30 – A Genuine holiness is the greatest tool against sin.

What is holiness? Is it morality, a certain political stance? No. It is living the life that Jesus lived.

Let’s look at some examples of the nature of Jesus in ministry.

John 2:1-11 – The wedding at Cana. A time of celebration, only there is one concern, a big concern. One that would bring shame upon the families represented at the dinner party, they are out of wine. Mary, Jesus’ mother comes to Him. (V.3)

o At first it may seem that Jesus is being rude. Look at the response “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My time has not yet come?” It would seem that Jesus is being disrespectful, but that is not the case. In fact we can see that He is gracious in this. He has not planned on this being the time to reveal Himself publicly, yet he allows Himself to be influenced, and generously gives Himself to serve His mother’s friends.

John 2:12-16 – The clearing of the temple. (V.17 – his disciples remembered that the Psalmist wrote, “zeal for your house will consume me.” Even in His zeal, Jesus is gracious. Call it anger if you will, Jesus is driving out sheep, cattle and scattering the coins of the money changers even upending their tables. Yet look at how he responds to those selling the doves… (v.16).

o Those poor little doves in their cages. Jesus does not fling the cages open, or overturn them; instead he orders them out.

• Matt. 8:1-4 - The previous verses in Matt 7:28-29 we see the amazement of the crowd at the authority of His teaching. So much so that the crowds began to follow Him. In the midst of al of this, a leper kneels before Him asking to be cleansed.

o Jesus is compassionate here. He touches the man. He could have just spoken and cleansed the man; yet, He knows that the man NEEDS touching. Jesus addressed the specific need that was on the man’s heart, not only cleansing the disease, but offering healing to a lonely heart as well.

o It is interesting to note here that Jesus wanted this kept hidden. Where if it were me, I would be trying to broadcast what had just happened. Think about it, if miraculous healings where going on here we would have an add on tv, radio, craigslist, and anything else we could think of.

Matt 8:18-34 – In our mind it would be good to “win a crowd,” yet Jesus is trying to lose them. He is not swayed by what people think of Him, or demand of Him.

o 19-22 – Jesus was unfazed by flattery. He is able to see past the “appearance” of those who come to Him.

 The teacher of the law? Sent away

 The second guy? Follow Me!

o 23-34 – A storm? No problem. Two demon possessed men? No problem! Jesus would push through whatever obstacle to set a heart free.

• Matt. 14

o 1-12 – John the Baptist, remember he was Jesus’ cousin, is be-headed.

o 13ff – Jesus withdraws to a solitary place to mourn.

Living the life of Jesus is holiness! And we get to live this life.

1 Peter 1:3-8

I forget that there is so much made available to me. I forget that when I died in baptism, when that old man of sin and death died on the cross, that I no longer have to live from the strength of Johnny Bond., I am no longer limited by how my personality will react to this person or that situation. I have access to more, much, much more! This (Bible) is the real deal. This life of Jesus is real.

Holiness is not about some new level of striving, (Romans 6:1-11)

So this morning we are being called. Called out of ordinary, mundane, just getting by.

This morning there is a call to offer yourselves (Rom. 12:1) as living sacrifices. This morning there is a call to you to clothe yourself with Christ. To admit this morning in front of all of creation that Jesus is your LORD and Savior, and be willing to put to death the things of this earth that have chained you to a life of sin.

This morning there is a cal to something Bigger

A call to something deeper

Each and every day, we make a thousand small choices (when to get up, what to wear, what to eat, exercise or not, who to talk to, etc…

This morning you have the opportunity to make the one decision that will affect not only this life, not only your life, but each and every life that you come into contact with. This morning you are called to be whole and Holy! Will you choose this day to life the life of Jesus Christ?

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