Summary: We can learn so much by following Jesus into the water.

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Ezekiel 47: 1- 6

Exodus 2: 10

To transgress is like water underneath the world; it cannot be undone or rectified because water is a past occurrence. To transgress against the laws of God, a dilemma that every man must find himself in then he acknowledges it before a Holy God and except his plan for salvation. There’s a thrill behind being right with the shine on like the sun because it is always right when it comes down being the light of the world; there is no doubt about that.

I hear ministers all the time talking about America is in trouble, and the economy is going down the drain and most people are standing up like tall green grass in the field. God knows how to stand us up. The world is worrying with planning a head like the government, even if the government is right or wrong; believer’s need to know in their heart that Jesus says “ I will never leave you or forsake you but I will be with you until the end” When Jesus said come out the world go in the way that surpasses it and exceeds it and goes beyond it. Through Ezekiel, he shows us which way out, but you got to have his faith to see.

“Afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house; and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward:” If anybody comes to Jesus the father has to draw them, and because Jesus is the way the forefront of the house; he stands toward the east. The Father sends water, and it comes down from under from the right side of the house. Jesus is seated on the right hand of the father at the south side of the altar. When the father speaks Jesus comes forth to relay all that the father says; he that has an ear let him hear what the spirit says.

Jesus leads us out of the way of the law of sin and death on every side of them to observe. When the father speaks Jesus always go northward from the chair the chair of the Almighty GOD over the altar. Outward unto the law of sin and death, Jesus leads us eastward, because the Father commands the water to run that way on the right side. We got to have the kind of heart wherever the lord leads; we will follow. Only Jesus can hear the father, and know body else; the word of the father draws us to Jesus, and before one comes to the father Jesus has to draw them.

Pray that the spirit of God is drawn you wherever you’re going today. In 1845 the Arctic Sea claimed the life of Sir John Franklin at the turn of the 19th century; he was a successful seamen that conquered territory other seamen failed to try. Over the years, Sir Franklin grew old but he had one final mission up his sleeve that would cause him and everybody that was with him their life. It was to sail to the Arctic and back but he never made it.

Until this day, his expedition has been a mystery. Ezekiel talks about a man on this journey with a line in his hand used for measuring cubits from the top of the middle finger to the elbow; there are places on the water that is not deep were Jesus wants us to walk at ankle level a thousand cubits. The father speaks his word telling us to have faith in Jesus, and the sea holds back at his command; have faith in Jesus, that’s all we need to do, have faith in Jesus.

Wherever the father leds - Jesus follows; we got to follow Jesus with his faith in the father. Having faith in Jesus keeps us from fearing the risen water. Go farther into the water about a thousand cubits; we got his faith. Now the water is to our knees, keep moving in Jesus - have faith in Jesus when the water rises to the loins, have faith in Jesus. The risen of the water represents difficult time here on earth as the water rises. It’s time to swim like a fish. Without Jesus in our heart, it is impossible to Passover; many shall depart from the faith of God and die in their sin in these last days.

We are on a journey with the lord don’t take your eyes off of him. We got to keep moving pray for strength that we don’t get weary in his faith the faith of Jesus Christ. The lord will bring us back to shore where he plants us in his spirit forever. Don’t you want to be a tree of life that lives forever of course you do? Only the lord knows the way through this Arctic Sea, Of course he does. Make sure you study to show yourself approved onto God so you can make it back to the place where we belong with the lord.

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