Summary: We are never truly alone in life because we have God

Lonely but Never Alone

Psalm 13

September 24, 2000


Q – Have you ever been forgotten?

 The horrible feeling

a.) It is horrible when you feel like you have been forgotten

b.) You feel like no one is listening. You feel like no one is there for you. You feel like no one cares.

c.) We have all been forgotten

1.) Maybe someone forgot it was your birthday

2.) Maybe your husband forgot about your anniversary

3.) Maybe someone forgot to call or send a card when you were sick

4.) Maybe you slipped through the cracks

The story of Ourakia

1. Ourakia is from Mali in Western Africa

a.) She was saved due to the work of a local missionary

b.) Her father had prepared a marriage contract for her

1.) The man was not Christian

2.) He was pagan and worshipped in African rituals

2. The custom of prepared marriage

a.) Ourakia refused to marry the man and began to pray that God would deliver her from the situation

b.) Several months went by and the situation was growing worse and pressure to marry the man was intense – She continued to pray

c.) Ourakia’s father was converted but the marriage contract could not be cancelled – Ourakia felt that god had abandoned her

d.) Village meeting was called to settle this problem

1.) Ourakia’s father defended the christian beliefs

2.) The man Ourakia was to marry heard about her being Christian and decided not to marry her

Q – Have you ever felt that God had forgotten you?

 The presence of God

a.) Many of us would immediately say “NO” – Let’s be honest

b.) Most of us have sometimes felt that God forgot us

1.) The time a family member faced a threatening illness

2.) The time you attended the funeral of a close friend or family member

3.) The time when you faced physical, emotional or spiritual trials

4.) The time you prayers seemed to fall on deaf ears


1. Wondering about God

A. How long?

1. The psalmist is in a desperate situation and want’s to see God’s help

2. These verses convey a deep sense of urgency and impatience

B. Specific areas of concern

1. God has not remembered them

a.) Psalmist writes – “Will you forget me forever?”: Meaning that God seems to constantly or continually forgets him

b.) It seems that God is slow in keeping His promises

2. God has not been present with them

a.) The concept of hiding the face was a symbol of removing of presence

b.) God seems to have removed His blessing from the psalmist

3. God has not given comfort to them

a.) The problems around the psalmist have plunged them into a deep depression and great sorrow

b.) God has not brought the needed emotional relief

4. God has not brought them victory

a.) There are enemies that are still causing difficulties or trials

b.) God seems to be distant – Every problem is tremendous without God

2. Wrestling with God

A. Dependence for an answer

1. The psalmist is asking for an answer rather than the silence

2. This is a cry to see God once again

B. Depth of need

1. This situation is grim – Asking for God’s light or they shall die

2. The psalmist has come to the end of their strength and resources – now they need to just depend on God

C. Defeat seems likely

1. The psalmist is clearly concerned about his enemies attacking him

2. The odds are stacked against him

3. Waiting on God

The influence of a factory – Silver Dollar Power

A. We cannot lose with God

1. When we place our trust in God it always pays off

a.) God has never failed us yet and he won’t start now

b.) God keeps the promises that he makes

1.) He will never leave us or forsake us

2.) He will not turn away a genuine heart

2. We must remember how deeply God loves us

a.) God’s desire is to have a relationship with you

b.) He sacrificed His one and only Son to gain that relationship

3. God is the source of salvation

B. Remember the goodness of God

1. God has been good to us

2. God is always faithful to us


1. When you ask “How Long?”

a.) Focus on God and not your problems

b.) Continue in basic disciplines

1.) Prayer

2.) Bible reading

3.) Fellowship

2. When you wrestle with difficulties

a.) Be honest with yourself

b.) Be honest with God

c.) Be honest about God

3. Remember three things

a.) God loves you unconditionally

b.) God always keeps His promises

c.) God is on your side – If God is for us, who can stand against us

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