Summary: God keeps the righteous under His wings. He delivers from all dangers and evils. He is God of all seasons and places. He is omnipotent, omnipresence, omniscience.

Psalm 91 “Long Life”

The follower and the responses of God are:

1. He Loves upon God - God will deliver him(v.14), v.11 talks about the Guardian Angel. Do you have the experience with your Guardian Angel? How to Love God, Love is expressed by hugs, kisses, cares, gifts, praises, likes and sacrifices. If you love God, you can do everything for God – giving offertories, expressing his love to others. Living faithful to Him.

The result of the Love to God is the Deliverance from snare, noisome(v.3), he covers and shields(v.4), no evil befall(v.5), no plague(v.6), nothing can come near(v.7), no dashing, tread upon lion, adder(snakes). Angels carry you. He delivers, honors and satisfies the life.

2. He Knows God’s name- God will set him on high. The secret place and shadow of the most high(v.1). YHWH is the Refuge, Fortress, God, and Trust.

Knowing God’s name is coming closer to him, knowing his characteristics, the moods of God, the mercies, punishments.

Knowing that He is the God of all seasons, all places – Omni in potency, in science, in presence(Ps. 139).

My problems, my needs, my situations are smaller than the greatness of God. Because he is the God greater than Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Goliath and etc.,. in today’s context he is greater than your enemy, your employer, your trouble maker. Nothing is impossible for him.

3. He Calls upon me – God will answer him and honor(v.15). Usually men pray in every religion when there is problem. The Sicknesses, debts, unemployment, issue-less are bringing us to the Lord. More problems more fasting, more prayer meetings, more crying at the feet of God.

Bible and life stories are best examples for that. The kings, prices, and believers always behaved in this manner.

4. Longevity of life (v.16)

What is longevity? Man always want to live long, for many years. All the forefathers and the tribal heads lived for long. The shorter life is the curse on Human life. But can we say that in the NT period. In Christian history Many many believers, pastors, missionaries lost their life at their thirties and forties. Are they not blessed by God. How long is not important but how we live is more important.

He also talks about the wicked, their life, and rewards(v.8). Repent and come near to God.

May the Lord bless you and keep you under his wings.

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