Summary: Jesus gave us his name to cover our short comings before our end comes

2Kings 3:1-24

Christ is the spiritual side of his chosen people. There will always be a few people that want to do right. They always keep trying no matter how short they keep falling. On this journey, you’re going to meet people that you like who are not the friends of God. Mesha King of Moab was friendly to Ahab the King of Israel, and to his people by rendering unto the king of Israel thousands of lambs and rams with wool. Years later Ahab dies. Israel has a new king as a result to the death of King Ahab the king of Israel.

Ahab was doing evil in the sight of God; he caused Israel to sin, he was not remorseful at all. When you are known to do evil, evil people will support whatever you’re involved in. Not only did Ahab do evil in the sight of the lord, but his son did evil too in the sight of Jesus. The friendship of the world will make you sin against God; and they might be the people you work with. There’s a personality drive going on in order to play the role, you got to become evil to have all the friends that it promises.

It is evil to serve other gods. Ahab married the daughter of the King of the Zidonians, and he loved her with all his heart. He loved her so much he did things that made Jesus angry more than all the kings of Israel that were before him. God was angry; he says anger but sin not. God puts up with his people for being in love with idol gods. Before that they didn’t know, now, we know Jesus, the Father of all spirits.

Jeroboam, the son of Nebat was the leader of his own “king Pen” He was connected to the work he did, and he did such a good job at evil that God was impress, but angry at the same time at him. Remember how someone impressed you but you were angry at them at the same time. God works in mysterious ways. Jesus gave him favor over the people.

The “Devil” says to Jesus if you let him live he’ll turn Israel against the Lord. Because of Jesus and because there’s no doubt in the Lord, God puts Israel to the test to test them to prove the devil wrong. Now, they know why Jesus was angry at the temple sales, and drove them out.

Perhaps! Jeroboam was a man of experience as a ruler who knew how to build on the hills; and he kept a pocket full of money. Even the people of God were in agreement with this. Israel begins to shift their focus.

The influence of Jeroboam’s name is welded solid in a firm position and passed down from generation to generation. Have you ever been somewhere or been around a person, you find comfort, but you know in your heart they don’t mean you any good, but you keep going back for their companionship. The spirit of Jeroboam has entered the heart of men who have been carried away from the Lord and seek companionship from the ungodly.

To prove that this influence exist today, one must look at how generations after generations have sacrificed their life to save this image to be like Jeroboam, but they think it’s the person or something about them that keeps driving them to slide back. Thou shall not have no other god before Jesus they have missed the truth about who He really is but on the real side of what is going on. Everyman today has heard the truth. Now you know the truth about Jesus and who is accusing you before him.

Jeroboam knows how to accuse others and win the trust of his listeners. This man was sold out to the world. He wore the label and style and flavor; to him being remorseful was a sin. This man has so much influence that he turned Omri, the father of Ahab and Ahab turned his son Jehoram and he wrought evil, but not like his father Ahab and his mother Jezebel. One man with Satan on his side turned the father and son against Jesus to live out his legend. Now days it’s easy to find yourself living out someone else legend. God is angry because this influence has turned his people against the Lord.

Jesus does things not the way most of us expect him too. Jesus knows Jehoram is doing evil in his sight, but he lets him live. Time has passed by, and the Lord is still angry. Can’t know body hold anger like Jesus, this is what Jesus is doing right now for you if you’re of sin; he turned Mesha king of Moab against Jehoram, and motivated Jehoram to fight the Moabites. You don’t know who the Lord will motivate to pay a wage off.

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