Summary: Don’t worry when nothing happens as expected! Don’t worry when you don’t get a royal welcome and you are given cold shoulder treatment, despite you being in the will of God!

Look around and hang on!

Acts 16:9 “And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing there, urging him and saying, "Come over to Macedonia and help us."

Don’t worry when nothing happens as expected! Don’t worry when you don’t get a royal welcome and you are given cold shoulder treatment, despite you being in the will of God! Do you hear me please? Don’t worry when things look bleak and uncertain when you embark into a new assignment or a new role! Don’t worry! Don’t worry! As I write this, I’m humming to myself because I have loads and loads of things to worry about myself! Trust Him in the dark! Trust God in the midst of chaos!

Paul packed his bags and left for Macedonia the moment he got a vision in the night: a man of Macedonia standing and urging him to come to Macedonia to help them. He did not delay but he obeyed; however, as soon as they reached Philippi, which is a leading city of the district of Macedonia and a Roman colony, they remained in this city some days.(verse 12) Did you read that? There was no noise, no crackers to welcome Paul, no garlands, no cameras whirring or hustle of photographers. I guess they silently entered the city! Nothing moved so they remained in the city some days. Paul did not pick up his brief case and leave – he waited. Are you listening? They then looked out for other avenues to do some work – look around friend, instead of getting frustrated. I said look around! Paul did that. They went outside the gate to the riverside and guess what happened, there was a prayer meeting happening there and a wonderful lady ‘Lydia’ was there! God had prepared her heart to hear the message from Paul, she was baptized, and her household as well, it did not stop there she pleaded Paul and his team to come to her house and stay. Did I not say don’t worry? He would lead you to still waters and give you rest! Do not get shattered with initial failures, delays and uncertainties, wait and look around!

Thirty eight voluntary nurses, amongst them Florence Nightingale, travelled to Turkey to help relieve the situation in Turkey where the wounded British soldiers were kept. These stations were poorly staffed, with insufficient supplies, and the medical and sanitary conditions were awful. When Florence Nightingale reached that place, instead of being warmly welcomed, the doctors there ignored them and refused to take their help. Isn’t this appalling? However, instead of getting frustrated and leaving the place, Florence looked for other ways to help the wounded soldiers, she and her team organized ‘soup counters’ and served hot soup for the wounded soldiers out of her own expenses. This scheme became popular and propelled her into becoming the ‘Lady with the lamp!’

When our ministry got relocated to Hyderabad, I still shudder when I think of the day we packed our huge luggage, loaded them into the lorry and I left for Hyderabad alone along with my son and maid ( my husband and daughter stayed back to complete some work), it was a hectic day and I expected to catch up some sleep in the train; little did I know that the compartment we travelled had a big gang of marriage party: the whole night, they sang, danced and made a lot of noise. It was mayhem! Let me say it again, don’t worry! After we reached Hyderabad station, would you believe our household goods landed safely the same day, we got the gas connection on the same day and we rested in peace in our palatial home!

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