Summary: The word ‘US’ has vanished from our vocabulary! ‘ME’ stands out! If at all the word ‘US’ operates, it is for agitation and not for edification! Hear me out today please!

Look on us!

Acts 3:1”And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.”

Many times we focus on the healing of the 40 year old man who sat near the temple, but I would like you to focus on the words of Peter and John here: ’Look on us!” Rarely we hear these words today, but instead we hear: ’look at me, look at my car, my house, my family, my church and my ministry!’ The word ‘US’ has vanished from our vocabulary! ‘ME’ stands out! If at all the word ‘US’ operates, it is for agitation and not for edification! Hear me out today please!

Peter and John together said ‘look on us’ and then we see the miracle unfold; the Bible says “if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Observe the word ‘anything!’ (Mathew 18:19) After they approached the man together, the Bible says” leaping up he stood and began to walk!” Glory to Jesus! There is power when two or more gather in His name to pray and that’s exactly why the devil does not allow two to agree! Are you listening? It was a time when severe antagonism and hatred filled the air against the disciples of Jesus, but the disciples clung together! You would never understand this kind of animosity against Christian work unless you work as missionaries in areas where they resist the Gospel. During our initial days of work in Hyderabad, while we were having our midweek evening worship at our church, the next door neighbor barged in and spewed expletives at us in his local language; thereafter, my husband and I intensified our prayers. The resistance and opposition for Gospel work still persists, we run our church in the same area; nevertheless, enormous prayers stand as a wall of fire protecting us and our children. Glory to Jesus! Same way, Peter and John and all the disciples stood united (Acts 4:19,31) When you stand united, the devil is defeated! The Bible says:’ the Jews let them go, finding no way to punish them.’ We have great learning from this incident! When the devil attacks your family and children, parents instead of fighting over the issue, pray hard. Who doesn’t go berserk when things begin to turn murky and messy, don’t panic, join together and pray. I said join. “The effect is immediate—you feel positive.” Nothing else would work. Are you listening?

Friend, it is not about who is first or who is mighty but it is about exalting the name of the Lord! Put all differences of opinion under your feet, swallow the pride, stay humble and keep moving! Just finishing your professional degree course with aplomb would not suffice, your efficiency and proficiency would be revealed when the rubber hits the road. You need to have team spirit, humility and make adjustments in order to fit into the group! Your pride and ego would spoil the dish! It is not enough to spend one week in the beauty parlor before your marriage, all the make-up would go ineffective if you fail to blend smoothly with the new family. I’m talking about unity!

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