Summary: Where are you looking? If you keep your eyes on the road you can stay out of the ditch.


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Mark 5:6

(6) But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him,

I found this week an example of the power of sin and the damage it can do.

And also an example of the power of Jesus and how he can deliver us from sin.

In this passage there was a man who had been enslaved by the power of sin.

· He seemed crazy; being in the graveyard nights at the time and doing foolish things such as cutting himself with stones.

· Men tried to chain him and tame him, but he would only break loose the chains.

· He was a man who was under the power of an unclean spirit.

Many people today are under the power of an unclean spirit.

Spirit of: drugs, alcohol, fornication, liars, stealers, murders,

Someone may say, "I just can’t help it, I’m hooked on these things and can’t stop."

You see, where the problem is, is that they are looking at the power of sin.


"At The Power of Sin!"

This is the problem…

We need to do as this man here in our text did.

When we find ourselves facing the power of sin, look towards Jesus.

{Don’t concentrate on its power…-Look to Jesus!}

When this man "Saw Jesus" he ran and worshiped him and he was delivered.

Often, many of us Christians fall into this trap of Satan.

He wants us to look at him.

(See your circumstances)

· Finical burdens

· Physical situation

· Loss family member

If he can keep you looking at him, you will have taken your eyes off Jesus.

{If you don’t want to get in the ditch, don’t take your eyes off the road!}

But if we can just look and see Jesus!

Look at what happened to this man by just "Looking at Jesus…"

(He was delivered)

Jesus is greater than any of our circumstances!

If Jesus could deliver this man from the power of Satan, he can deliver the sinner.

And if Jesus will deliver the sinner, he will deliver the Christian too.

But we must first look to Jesus.

copyright by James W. Bryant

Rev. James W. Bryant

Preached on

Wednesday 12-01-99

@ Dillon CH CHURCH

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