Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How blessedly does this chapter teach us/loving kindness/Lord!

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 25, 2012

“Looking for Life”

"Look unto me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is no other."—Isaiah 45:22.

This/simply one of/blessed text/Lord gives us for our conversion.

I plan to refine and dissect and take apart this text in an effort for some of us to be able to see it in a way we haven’t previously perceived its preciousness and power.

• The great sin of man, ever since he has fallen

• Has been that of idolatry.

• He is ever seeking to get away from God.

• Whom he cannot see.

So he makes for himself a god, which is an idol, and it pleases him because he can gaze upon it.

• That may be in the form of tv, cars, hobbies, work

• Or other carnal confidences in his life.

• So he looks to that something and expects good from it.

• So the mind of man gets derailed from God and His ways.

For a while, the idolater may delight himself in the idol which he has so delicately carved out for his purposes.

• He clings to it/the most precious commodity to him.

• He cries out in vain to the idol, hobby etc.,

• Then he discovers no answer comes to him.

In his disappointment and vexation of spirit, he is ready to lie down in despair.

• His idol cannot fulfill him.

• It must be so, more or less, with all of us.

• If we trust in anything but God

• we will be disappointed

Yet note the Lord's great patience even with those who are provoking him by the idolatry they create.


If you had made men, and sustained them, and provided for them, yet they did not worship you, or serve you, or fear you, or trust you; but, instead, transferred their fear, or love, or trust, to mere idols would you not feel righteously angry?

• The Lord our God is a jealous God, and he has been, generation after generation

• Provoked by the idolatries of men.

God/always been provoked by us who profess to be his people.

We have continued to love other things more than we love him.

We all have something in our lives/take away our time/almighty.


Some of us have actually trusted ourselves more than we have trusted the lord

• And sometimes, in the hour of trial

• We have fled/friend instead of trusting in the Lord alone.

• Yet how patient has God been with you in all this!

How blessedly does this chapter teach us/loving kindness/Lord!

• Here he admonishes his ancient people with great gentleness

• He also reasons with great force of argument.

• Tenderly he rebukes the wrongdoers

• Then he invites them to a better way of life.

God seems to say to them, “Be done with these idols once/for all.

• Can’t you see/come to trouble by looking at them?

• they can’t save you

• Turn away from them, look to me.

• Come and trust me just this once.

'Look to me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else. "


Listen to this divine message

• you who have forgotten your God

• in these gracious terms

• he bids you turn your eyes to him

• to let your expectations be from him.

This text teaches us first, that for salvation out of any trouble, we should look to God alone.

I will carry the principle into deeper spiritual matters by showing you, in the second place, that, for eternal salvation, we must assuredly look to God alone


First, then, for salvation out of any trouble, we should look to god alone.

• There are troubles in which men do look to God alone.

• I have known the most profane, godless men turn to God.

• Men who have blasphemous language, ridicule religion

• they stagger like drunken men

• been at their wits’ end

• They have cried out to the Lord in their trouble.

Their knees never bent before God bent now in miserable terror

• Their hearts that never felt gracious before God

• Now begin to tremble at the majestic display of His power.


This kind of experience has also been witnessed in ungodly men at the approach of their death.

• When the sweat drops on their brow

• when they know that life is almost over

• their soul is melting in their distress

• the dark gates of the grave stand wide open before them

• Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble.

Now, if men act this way out of compulsion of great calamity, why don’t they do so cheerfully/willingly/times/every trial/difficulty

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