Summary: In the darkest days of Israel, in time of Judges (Ruth 1:1) ... God was at work! Our challenge is, will you trust Him to be at work in your life today and give you everything you need, or will you deny Him in place of your own preferences?

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Look what God has done!

Ruth 4:1-22

- So far we’ve seen a very interesting story develop in Ruth

-- We know there was a great famine and so Elimelek has moved his family

-- While they were in Moab, 3 out of 4 people have died in this family

- After, Naomi returns home and Ruth makes three promises to Naomi:

-- Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay (Commitment)

-- Your people will be my people; your God will be my God (Public profession)

-- Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried (A promise to honor)

- Ruth then goes to look for work and finds favor in a field of Boaz

-- Boaz is taken with her … but as a guardian and provider for her

- Boaz’s response to Ruth is one of great grace and mercy

-- I’ve heard about what you did for your M-I-L

-- I’ve heard that you’ve left your land to come here; leaving everything

-- And now, here you are working to provide for Naomi among strangers

- Naomi displays some incredible excitement for who Boaz is … why?

-- He is their “go-el” (one who literally REDEEMS)

-- Boaz has become their “kinsman-redeemer” which is vital for them

-- In OT times, this would mean that he would assume the family responsibility

-- He would become the provider, the protector, and the overseer of them

- When the harvest had ended, Naomi understands Ruth needs to have a life

-- Ruth goes to Boaz by Naomi’s instruction to offer herself to him

-- NOTE: There is nothing deviant here; but she offers in honor/grace

-- Boaz promises to redeem; if the one closer to her does not do it

- IMP: The focus is NOT the budding relationship with Boaz and Ruth

-- The focus is: What GOD is doing, and has done, and WILL do!

-- Any other focus is on “self” or “me, me, and me” … and we lose sight of Him

- Read Ruth 4:1-12

∆ Point 1 – Boaz at the City Gate (1-12)

- What we know from our previous messages is Ruth has two promises made to her

-- 1) Be patient because her future is secure, and,

-- 2) Naomi told her that Boaz would not rest until this was settled

- So, we see that (what would be first light) Boaz has arrived at the town gate

-- This would be the main artery in and out of the “business district” of Bethlehem

-- Boaz arrives and calls the other kinsman redeemer to sit down with him

-- He also asks 10 elders to sit as well and join him in hearing this issue

- It is important to remember what was previously on Boaz’s schedule

-- After spending the night, he was set to get his grain transported in the morning

-- Certainly, he could have gotten his work done and then handled this later

-- But, his thought was on Ruth, and her redemption which was more important

- IMP: Do we treat God’s work the same way? Do we obey Him immediately?

-- This is our challenge to see how this “man of standing” responded to his duty

- As we see in v11, more have gathered to see what was going on this morning

-- This was obviously important issue and they stood as witnesses to this

- What is interesting is this other go-el, or redeemer, is unnamed in this story

-- He is not named because who he is - not important, but what he is - IS the focus

-- Boaz invites him to sit down and discuss a matter of great importance (v1)

-- The implication of “my friend” means that Boaz comes in peace to talk to him

- Boaz then approaches this from purely a business standpoint to this man

-- In v3-4 he offers him this land that is available for him to redeem

-- For Boaz, this is a calculated offer, knowing that his real intention is coming

- The redeemer agrees to redeem it, and then Boaz drops the rest of the news

-- (v5) If you want the land, you must also want Naomi for she is a widow

-- Not only must he redeem Naomi, but he must also redeem Ruth

-- What’s interesting is how he describes Ruth to this man

-- “… you also acquire Ruth the Moabite, the dead man’s widow, in order to maintain the name of the dead with his property”

-- If there was ever a description that seemed VERY unflattering, this is it

-- APP: OK, great, but you gotta know man … there is baggage with this land …

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