Summary: This is an inductive Bible survey of the gospel of Luke that examines major themes and topics with a study of major divisions.

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Luke Book Survey

I. Divide and Title

A. Sectional Divisions

1:1-4 Preface

1:5 - 2:52 Birth Narrative

3:1 - 4:13 Preparation of Jesus

4:14 - 9:50 The Ministry in Galilee

9:51 - 19:27 The trip to Jerusalem

19:28 - 21:38 The Ministry in Jerusalem

22:1 - 23:56 The Death Narrative

24:1 - 53 The Resurrection Narrative

B. Segmental Divisions

1.1-4 Preface

1.5-45 The visitation narrative

1.46-80 The praise narrative

2.1-52 The birth and early life of Jesus

3.1-24 John prepares Jesus

3.25-4.13 God prepares Jesus

4.14-5.16 Jesus Begins His Early ministry

5:17-6.11 Jesus faces opposition

6.12-7.50 Jesus trains the Twelve

8.1-9.50 Jesus’ unique ministry and mission

9.51-11.13 Jesus sends the seventy

11.14-13.30 Renewed opposition and Jesus continues to teach

13.31-15. Jesus with the Pharisees

16.1-19.27 Jesus teaches on the kingdom

19.28-21.4 Jesus enters and claims the Kingdom

21:5-38 Jesus predicts the destruction of Jerusalem

22.1-46 Jesus’ final moments with the disciples

22.47-65 Jesus is arrested

22.66-23.43 Jesus is tried and crucified

23.44-56 Death and Burial

24.1-35 The resurrection and Jesus’ first appearance

24.36-53 Jesus with the disciples

C. Paragraph Divisions

1:1-4 Preface

1:5-25 Angel visits Zechariah

1:26-38 Angel visits Mary

1:39-45 Mary visits with Elizabeth

1:46-56 Mary’s Song

1:57-66 John is born

1:67-80 Zechariah’s Song

2:1-7 Jesus is born

2:8-20 Shepherds visit baby Jesus

2:21-38 Jesus at the Temple

2:41-52 Jesus teaches the teachers

3:1-20 John prepares the way

3:21-38 Baptism and genealogy of Jesus

4:1-13 The temptation of Jesus

4:14-30 Jesus is rejected at Nazareth

4:31-37 Jesus casts out a demon

4:38-44 Jesus heals many

5:1-11 Miraculous catch of fish

5:12-16 Jesus heals a leper

5:17-26 Jesus heals a paralyzed man

5:27-31 Matthew’s dinner

5:32-39 Jesus teaches on fasting

6:1-11 Lord of the Sabbath

6:12-16 Selection of the Twelve

6:17-26 The Beatitudes

6:27-36 Love your enemies

6:37-42 Criticism of others

6:43-45 The fruit from life

6:46-49 Houses on rock and sand

7:1-10 The centurions faith

7:11-17 Jesus raises the widow’s son

7:18-35 John’s doubt

7:36-50 Jesus feet anointed

8:1-15 Parable of the lamp

8:19-21 The true family of Christ

8:22-25 Jesus calms the storm

8:26-39 Jesus sends demons into pigs

8:40-56 The dual miracle: Two healing stories

9:1-9 Jesus sends the Twelve and John is killed

9:10-17 Jesus feeds the five thousand

9:18-20 Peter proclaims Jesus is the Messiah

9:21-27 Jesus predicts His death for the first time

9:28-36 The Transfiguration

9:37-43 Jesus casts demon out of a boy

9:44-45 Jesus predicts His death a second time

9:46-50 Actions of the Disciples

9:51-56 Journey to Jerusalem begins

9:57-62 The cost of discipleship

10:1-24 Jesus sends the 72

10:25-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan

10:38-42 Jesus visits Mary and Martha

11:1-13 The Lord’s prayer

11:14-28 Jesus answers critics

11:29-32 Warning about unbelief

11:33-36 Teaching of the lamp

11:37-54 Jesus criticized religious leadership

12:1-12 Jesus deals with hypocrisy

12:13-21 Parable of the rich fool

12:22-34 Warnings about worry

12:35-48 Warnings about being prepared for the coming of Christ

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