Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Moses sent twelve into the land and only two did what they were told. The ten others were writing their own report instead of seeing what the Lord was giving them.

Looking at the report…

Numbers 14


Listen to these words…Report, Rebel, Restore, Revive, rebel and Remnant, and restoration..

What do all of these words have in common besides the obvious of starting with the letter R?

They are words that would describe what is going on right now in the world or what most would like to have happen right now in the world. We are trying to find reason and relief also!

I am glued to the news right now.

Every morning I go to the TV, not to hear of more devastation, heartache, but restoration.

I go wanting and needing to hear of a good ending, good report to another tragedy or a fresh exciting story of encouragement.

It is like hearing of a powerful earthquake in another country that has brought buildings down. You don’t listen wanting to hear of another dead body being pulled out…you want to hear of a child found alive, a story of survival, the heroics of someone risking life to do good.

They interviewed a pastor that moved to Las Vegas two years ago and this was some of his comments-

“The city has never been so open to the gospel.”

“The mass shooting has brought the city together more than anything.

In terms of blood banks, they’re at capacity. Everyone I know is collecting gift cards or food and passing out water.”

Las Vegas- known as “Sin city” not named that by people who oppose gambling and that lifestyle, but by the very people who live there and make their living there. To some that is the badge of honor.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” -cute advertisements of secrecy and hidden times of pleasure.

This millennial pastor down in the trenches of a city that has felt devastation- speaking words of encouragement in the midst of hurt- The city is open to the gospel, the city is reaching out and ministering to others, the city has slowed it pace and reflected on some things that are important.

When asked what his church has done to help the people in the city?

(Quote) They began going to the people and offering prayer and making themselves available- (unquote)

My take-

They are going and being Jesus with skin on.

They are praying and when they are done praying they are getting involved.

The two have to be together- pray as if God is the only one that could help and work like you’re the only one doing it.

Getting involved they meet a women who was on the street and told of having three kids- one in Puerto Rico, one in Florida, one in Houston.

Her whole family has been thrown upside down by current events.

She said that she thought of getting drunk because she saw no hope for the hopelessness of what has happened to her family.

Like I said awhile ago…give me a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus- Amen!

They asked this pastor-

What have you learned from this experience that you can offer to others who are trying to help others cope?

(Quote) Don’t be so quick to listen to their stories so you can tell them how Jesus can fix it!

Be invested in the person. (End quote)

Sure, spread the gospel message, but don’t just wound the person in front of you.

Jesus loved the one in front of him as much as those that were far off.

There was a reason I said this was a Millennial pastor. There are some things you need to know about millennials.

Born between 1980-2000

They are the largest group of people surpassing the baby boomers.

They are the most educated.

They invest in what they believe in and don’t get caught up in so much of the old time hype.

They are family oriented, but most don’t believe in traditional marriage and seek gender equality.

1 out of 3 will or has cohabitated before marriage because of witnessing bad relationships.

I say this to being us to our text this morning- we see tragedy and we see God has always had a remnant of people to minister to the people.

There is a short window after a tragedy that people are open to the things of God before they forget and get back to business as usual.

Most have the attitude of the prophet Elijah and believe they are the last of the remnant that God has to use to redeem a nation or a tragedy.

This is not the case and God has raised up people from all age groups and life experiences.

There are moments in our past that God has revealed himself in a tragedy for us to respond to His love for us.

Great depression

President Kennedy being shot

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