Summary: Sometimes we expect the wrong things from God. We want health and wealth. He gives us His love. Which is better? The gift He gives. If we would only take what He gives.

Hate talking about busyness and misplaced priorities – but it is a real problem

We don’t have that problem though – here we are in church on a Wednesday night

Or do we? Are we guilty of the same misplaced priorities and looking in the wrong places for the answers to life’s questions?

Shared with bible class - 2 Corinthians 8:13-14

The facts are clear – we have a responsibility to help others in need – what they do with our gift is not our responsibility – Matthew 25 – Sheep and goats - What’s the differene - the sheep help people

We’ve extended our definition of need to include saving for retirement, buying things we don’t need => those are wants – Doctor on James Dobson’s show who gives away everything he doesn’t need

George Bailey found it out what having the right priorities is all about. He found out sooner than others. Spending your time helping others pays dividends not only in this life but more importantly in the life to come.

What are you doing with your time, talents, and money NOW to help others? Not when retire, or when you die – too late then – What are you doing NOW? - our small group has decided to adopt a family for Xmas

In psychology, they say that, “hurting people, hurt people” and that “healthy people, help people”

They are simply saying what the apostle John wrote long ago – 1 John 4:19-21

Verse 19 says it all – We love because He first loved us

Song – looking for love in all the wrong places

Where do we look to find love?

The manger - That’s why Jesus came in the first place – His birth is one of the greatest demonstrations of God’s love

Think about it – what Father in his right mind would allow others raise his son, especially knowing full well the abuse to which he would be subjected?

Where do we look for God’s love?

The cross -

Lord’s Supper



Giving and getting is okay. So is putting up decorations. However, maybe you want to put a manger under your tree this year to remember God’s greatest gift

And then start thinking about your New Year’s resolution by asking yourself this question “how am I going to tangibly demonstrate my love for others this year by putting my money where my mouth is?”

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