Summary: Jesus meets a women at the well and changes not only her love pattern but her way of life

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

John 4:1-30


This passage has been studied so thoroughly that we all know, or think we know, how women in the middle east always went for their water early in the day, together, in a community time of fellowship. While the little children played and the latest village gossip was passed, the women carried home their water from the well in the cool of the morning.

The scene here is in the blazing light of high noon, when there was usually no one at the well and she could come and go in her loneliness without the added pain of feeling she was part of the gossip being passed along. I don’t know that she was a greater sinner than any of the other men and women of her village.

But in her isolation she certainly had to be right up there among the greatest in terms of her pain and needs. Where are you today? Are you in the same place of this lady, full of pain and needs?

For a Moment I want us to notice the name of the town where they met. “Sychar” this town or the name of it is known as falsehood or darkness.

What a description of who she is, living in darkness thinking she could find love in false things. Thankfully, Jesus comes to town.

It important that we do not overlook the 5 verses. Christ is on His way to Samaria from Judaea, and makes a detour stop in Sychar, about 15 miles off route in a 75 mile walk.

When was the last time you went out of your way to tell someone about Jesus. We must remember they were walking, its not like they just drove out of the way, he walk to meet the needs of this women, again I’ll ask, when was the last time you even went across the street to tell someone about the Love that is found in Jesus?


It really surprises me to hear people say that Jesus will not come to them. People think because what they have done they are to far from Christ

The more intriguing factor about this story is that Jesus was there waiting for her to arrive. He said I MUST need go. There was a need in Sychar.

My friends he knows where we are, and he knows all about us.

The love she was looking for was not in the Town of Sychar, it was out sitting by the well.


She is captured by the fact He has nothing to draw water with….

“thou hast nothing to draw with” and “the well is deep” “whence then hast thou that living water”

You have nothing to draw with, the well is deep, so where is this living water coming from?

She did realize the need for the water was not for Him but for her.


She describes the well as deep.

The depths of the well reminded her of the depths of her sin. It is in the depths of these sins that brought her to the well in the middle of the day.

Tradition was; the women of town would come to the well in the early morning hours together, It was her sin that kept her from coming with the rest of the women.

We know that sin separates, and we see it in this women, we see why Jesus came.

It is important to see again where Jesus was in this very moment. We find Him in Vs.6 sitting upon the well.

History tells us that well were generally 100 + feet deep and 9 feet round.


It is not the size of the well or the amount of the sin she has committed.

Jesus sitting on the well, and the well being a picture of the depths of her sin, He is greater than all her sin.

The well was deep, deep enough that you needed a bucket to get to the water. The well was deep, but the water was low.

Jesus told her, if she had this Living water she wouldn’t have to draw it out with a bucket, it would be springing up. Overflowing. When was the last time your well sprung?


She wants this water for two (2) reasons in VS.15

1. That I thirst not

2. That I come here no more.


Before this water could be taken in she had to get that sin sick need taken care of.

This women tried the first husband, drinking of that “water” and she was not satisfied. Then the second, third, fourth, and fifth husbands. Since none of these satisfied her, she was trying another one. (one that was not hers) Her changing of husbands fully proved that however much she drank of that “water” she was still thirsty. The Lord said, “everyone that drinks of this well will thirst again” Witness Lee

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