Summary: Restoration, is still paramount in the deep south, in a diaspora, that practiced redistribution of wealth and sinned against God, when they took, from their neighbors, and falsely claimed lands and properties that did not belong to them.

Lord, I Clearly See, Restore To Me

“Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty, that he shall restore that which he took violently away, or the thing which he hath deceitfully gotten, or that which was delivered him to keep, or the lost thing which he found,” (Leviticus 6:4, King James Version, KJV [Laws of the offerings]).

Greetings in the Matchless Name of Jesus,

Today, I am set before you to speak about issues, common to a modern society as much as, we found through research that the same issues, also were common, in the days of old, the early days of our ancestors. I want to speak to you about civil rights, economic justice, education, labor, and peace. Firstly, let us discover how miserably clever the forces of darkness were that delivered economic injustice, in the neighborhoods, communities, and township, of Camilla, Georgia, United States of America (USA). In the last 10 years, I lived in Camilla, Georgia, in Mitchell County. One day, I found myself, busy, some would say but on a much broader scope, I would say I was constructively involved, in sorting through the deeds, in the Deed Office. You see, brothers and sisters, the clerk, in the office, showed me my great grandfather's deed, dated 1904, which was proof of his purchase of his first land lot (250 farm/country acres) but it said Dougherty County. I did not know that what is now Mitchell County, was once Dougherty County. Let us say, so many counties grew out of each other and some originated the counties that are our counties, today. You know when you research, in documents and in oral history, you will find the puzzle pieces gravitate together, like a load stone does, commonly known as a magnet. Sooner than later, as the years passed by, since those discoveries of land ownership, I found myself, sitting at the table with the President, Vice-President, and four professors, of one of the nearby seminaries, from Florida and my neighbor, a deacon and superintendent of Sunday School/Mission School behaved strangely saying, “Take her; her family has 3,000 acres or more, from 112 to 93, I just have 200 acres.” Low and behold, I observed him behaving like, he thought they came to take all he had and lynch him or something. As baffled as I was, the spirits seemed to be in the church, for this articulation for the planning of the information session, held greater meaning than he aforethought because I do not think he planned or intended to behave that way. I remember my mother told me the country folks were not crazy when they behaved that way. She told me this to prepare me for what I would observe, in behavior, so, I could keep a sense of balanced thought and objectivity, while I lived in the deep south. As the old folks said many a day in church, “God is trying to tell you something.” The spirit spoke through my neighbor to deliver the good news of my inheritance. Lord, I clearly see, restore the lands to me. In those days, it was not uncommon for folks to come and set up house on someone's else land, never deeded, get loans and just pay taxes. It was the deep south culture to take, from their neighbor. It is was still sin. Amazingly, they hated the true owners and gave the authority over the land to those who they placed on their land, making them subject to strangers on their own land. How could they get away with this outright lawless behavior? I know the shyness of my family did not help. Yet, intimately, I found my family to strongly show attributes of leadership. However, they preferred the quiet of gentlemen than the loud bombastic mannerisms of con artist and men who took what did not rightfully belong to them. My great grandfather, instead of drinking his earnings away each time the railroad paid him, for he split rails, built the railroad, to get the money to buy the land, he saved his money. He did not involve himself in the wicked ploys of those, who took, which was to pretend the land they showed the buyers was still government land, knowing the railroad sold the land and deeded the land to my great grandfather, they still gave the land and loaned money to buy the land, to families, out of just practicing oppression and hate.


Understandably, a man received from one good citizen and another hated him for it and aimed to take it away – that's pretty much the long and short end of what they did. Just like they are trying to practice today, with my horses, they redistributed the wealth. They did things the way they saw fit. They refused to be satisfied with the true ownership; they took away and redistributed. It is was sin. It is illegal yet the culture, in the deep south, saw a lot of it and many closed an already blinded eye, to it, so it would not disturb them as much. I cannot see how it did not disturb them, no matter how much they pretended they could not clearly see. Today, right now, in modern society, we question the distribution of farm checks to the families, who own the farms, Why must everyone in a family sign up in order to get a check, when there is only one member, at the family farm? Why did they send out a check before when the farm was in a trust with an executor, without every family member's signature or consent. There are a lot of arbitrary decisions made by the office worker at farm service agency, IN CAMILLA, GA, which amounted to a few people getting a whole lot of money and the majority of the people getting roadblocks erected in front of them, to discourage them in order to prevent them from getting checks. I was told, "This is the last check. You will get a headache going through all of this to get that little bit of money." SHE TALKED ABOUT A LAST CHECK LIKE I RECEIVED A FIRST CHECK. I RESIDED IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA 10 YEARS AND I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CHECK TO THIS DATE. I was told this and I am in the data base. The deadline is this week. Everyone should get their check. She must be accountable for the work done, even, if, figuring out how much one person out of so many then, will get or is entitled to. It seemed she felt better mailing out checks to relatives who do not work the land or live on the land than to provide for the sustenance of the family member who lived and worked the land. A whole lot of small matters like not getting the word out, to come sign up to get a check and all the preferential treatment of only giving the folks in town checks who she liked or who they liked, must STOP. It should be a fair process. There are folks getting upwards of $200,000 OR MORE, RIDING HIGH ON THE HOGS AND PROBABLY MY HORSE, WHICH THEY STOLE FROM MY PROPERTY, WHILE OTHERS ARE BARELY RUBBING $65, TO GET BY, FROM THE FARM SERVICE AGENCY, IN CAMILLA, GA. Why is this important? Agriculture is a large part of the income-base, here, in Camilla, GA and only a few benefited from the farm bill, which should benefit everyone, in this area. Georgia ranked in the top five states in the United States of America. How much of the monies go to how many people here? It is a shame and a disgrace, while a few get all, the rest of us suffer. The farm service agency does not seem to be bothered who gets a check or who does not get a check. There is no heart in them or concern for their fellow man or concern for their fellow citizens. There is no community outrage for the economic injustice, here, regarding the farm bill. They pick and choose who they want to bless, here, in Camilla, GA and the rest are simply, without care, like they do not have a God, who provided for them with the same measure that he sent for the few the farm service agency seemed to care about and blessed with a check, time and time, again, leaving the rest, left out of the distribution of wealth. God did not provide just for them. The well does not runneth over just for them. They ride by here, window shopping your property, some in their Stetson Western hats, smug in their intentions and outright blatant, in their offenses, rubbing their contrary behavior all in your face, adding the insult of no check to the injury of taking your property; watching you for the opportunity to pounce on your land and take what they like, while you sleep or go to tend to your affairs. Of course, when you become experienced, you are no longer in the workforce, for the human resource manager gladly explained all the jobs went to those, who do not have the experience, so they do not have to pay, as much for the work. Whatever happened to equal employment opportunities? There are still so many "issues" in the town of Camilla, so age discrimination, should not shock those, who apparently care

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