Summary: As they enter the Temple through the gate known as “Beautiful”, Peter and John see something that is not very beautiful.

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Text: Acts 3:1 thru 8

We were told in Acts 2:43 that many signs and wonders were done by the apostles. Many of which were not written in the Bible. Some of those “signs and wonders” involved Peter and John.

Here, we have record of one of them.

Peter and John’s personalities were (I’m sure) quite different. Peter was often loud and overbearing, whereas, John was more patient and caring. I find these two interesting to be working together.

Sometimes that kind of match up occurs within the ministry of the Lord. You never know who you might be placed with to do the work of the Lord…

But perhaps John, known for his love and mercy, was more compassionate to Peter. In that, Peter failed Jesus with his denial of knowing Him.

Perhaps John wanted to help restore Peter in the spirit of meekness.

At any rate Peter and John went up together to the Temple. It is always a good thing to go up to the temple:

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.

Consider this: Some people make it a habit to go to the mall with a close friend. Two friends will enjoy going somewhere or anywhere together for the day.

Then let me ask –

Why shouldn’t good friends want to go to the house of the Lord together?

Why wouldn’t someone want to bring their friend to church? I would only hope that it would be even more enjoyable than going shopping together.

Peter and John had probably been doing a lot of things together and walking together. But this walk to the House of God would be different.

As they enter the Temple through the gate known as “Beautiful”, they see something that is not very beautiful.

Peter and John see a poor lame beggar laying at the gate. He has been placed here everyday of his life to beg for alms.

This would be a pathetic situation for anyone of us. I can only imagine what it must be like to never have been able to walk. Growing up helpless and never to have been able to play games with the other kids. Always being dependent on everyone else.

The Bible tells us that he was “lame”.

The Greek word used here is actually “Cripple”, and is also used in the NIV.

Not a very nice word for our day and time is it? Whether or not the Bible is politically correct with the society of our day and time is not important.

Maybe God isn’t too concerned about being “politically correct”.

But then I see something much more troublesome with this story than a poor choice of words.

What I see that is important is the spiritual implication of this story. What I mean is - without the mercy and salvation of Jesus Christ, anyone and everyone would be no different than the lame man.

We all come into this world completely helpless and spiritually crippled from the moment we take our first breath of life.

Every boy and girl brought into this world is born spiritually lame. And they will continue to live this way everyday of their life until someone comes along and presents the Gospel of Jesus to them,

This story portrays for us that our sin nature has caused us to be spiritually:

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