Summary: We all have been in distress at one time or another. Troubles come to distract us from keeping our eyes on Jesus. This sermon focuses on what happens when we lose our focus and have very little faith. I pray it blesses you.

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Lord…Save ME!

St. Matthew 14:22-30

By Pastor Russell M. Rillie

Wednesday, August 14, 2014

The Midday Session of the 36th Annual International Holy Convocation of Deliverance Temple Restoration Ministries – Bishop R.D. Graves ~ Chief Prelate

The Gathering Place, Raleigh, NC

Have you ever been in trouble? No, I mean, have you ever REALLY been in trouble? Think about it! I am not talking about the kind of trouble when you went and got someone OTHER than your wife pregnant. I am not talking about the kind of trouble when your wife went to the GYN and she now has parts of her body giving her an unwanted permanent round of applause. I’m not talking about the kind of trouble when you told hubby you were going to Jamaica with your girlfriend for the weekend….but your girlfriend forgot she was covering for you and guess what she did…..she called the house…AND HE PICKED UP. I am not talking about the kind of trouble when you were trying to make some spare change on the side to pay the bills and you began dancing at the Chocolate Factory on Wednesday Nights. However, last night when they played your intro music, you got to the stage & looked out at the thirsty men that were there & you and he both realize at the same time….that is your daddy and you are his baby girl. Tell your neighbor, that is not trouble….that’s just MESS! Sadly, for many of us, pastors & bishops, if the truth was to really be told and if the Holy Spirit was to really uncover some things in here today, we are tied up, tangled up and embroiled in some mess! Wow @ the whole sanctuary nervous right now! Do not go change or feed the baby NOW! Do not go empty your bladder NOW! You are all under arrest….of the Holy Ghost. You thought this was just a filler service to carry over until Pastor Diana Lyles tonight….SORRY BOO-BOO! You have got me twisted. Be easy….I did not come to deal with your mess….I came to deal with your troubles. I came to deal with someone who is at the point of death. Spiritually. Physically. Financially. Emotionally. Nobody can save you…EXCEPT Jesus Christ himself! Someone shout, “Lord Save Me!”

The hated & ill-reputed publican tax collector, Levi, the Jew from Galilee who gives us the perspective of Jesus as the Son of David & the Son of Abraham, wrote St. Matthew’s Gospel. With that perspective in mind, this connects Jesus to two of the oldest covenants in the Old Testament, the Davidic Covenant of Kingship & the Abrahamic Covenant of Promise, obedient, even unto death, according to the Isaac type foreshadows.

Our text this afternoon deals with the third & final event of chapter 14th. Verses 1-14 deal with death of John the Baptist. Verses 15-21 deals with the miracle of the feeding of 5000 men, beside women & children. The third event tells of the great Sunday school lesson of Jesus walking on water and Peter’s little faith.

Because Jesus had just performed a miracle, verse 22 says straightway, Jesus constrained, which means to force) his disciples to get into a ship. When there is such a mighty move of God and or God works through you as the chosen vessel to tend to the needs of his people…DON’T LINGER AROUND! BOUNCE! Folk will either want to make you & your followers their object of worship and or it might not be yet your time to be propelled into your future and appointed date with destiny. Lord save me from impatience! Lord save me from ego-tripping! Lord save me from trying to kill off the set man or set woman of God. You may NOT have laid a physical hand on them, but in the spirit, you are a terrorist, a mercenary…a hired assassin. You just do not know that Satan has assigned you to do his bidding.

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