Summary: in the acknowledgement of the prayer life of Jesus, the disciples desired to know how to pray and asked Jesus to teached them how to pray effectively.

TEXT: MATHEW 6:5-8; Luke 11:1

Title: lord, teach us to pray


Prayer is one of the greatest acts of the Christian. It is an act of fellowship with God. The concern of Jesus here is not whether we do pray or not but the motive behind the prayer.

The disciples have taken notice of Jesus prayer life and they beseech Jesus to teach them how to pray.

Haven’t they been praying before?

How was John the Baptist prayers like?

Were his prayers different with that of Christ?

 During his baptism (Luke. 3:21).

 Withdrew to pray in the wilderness Luke 5:16

 He went to the mountain side to pray before chosen the 12 apostles Luke 6:12.

 The disciples saw him praying in the private Luke 9:18.

 His transfiguration in Luke 9:28-29.

 Healed a demon possessed boy Luke 9:37-43.

In chapter 11:1 they applied themselves to him in direction on prayer by saying, “LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY”. In other words Lord, we have seen something spectacular in your prayer life, please tell us the secret behind that?

Note: The gifts and grace of others should excite us to covet earnestly the same attitude. Their zeal should provoke us to a holy imitation and emulation; why should we not do as well as them? Observe, they came to him with this request.

Prayer is not an easy task, only Jesus can pray and as well teach on how to pray. In a concise way, the sentence, teach us to pray, is a model or rule by which we are to go into praying.

I. Lord, teach us the meaning of prayer.

II. Lord excites and quickens me to the duty of prayer life.

III. Lord, direct me on what to pray for.

IV. Lord made available the grace for me that I may serve God acceptable in prayer each day.

V. Lord, teach me to pray in proper words, Rom 8:26-27.

VI. Lord, give me a mouth and wisdom in prayer that I may speak as I ought.

Note: Jesus did not ask them why such request because that was his duty to teach them the proper way to please God and the proper way to channel their request to God (humility).

--JUST AS JOHN TOUGHT HIS DISCIPLES. what kind of prayer did John taught his disciples?

John taught his disciples the Jewish pattern of prayer which includes three parts.

ADORATION ---------------------- PRAISES TO GOD------------------- DOXOLOGY

Ps 103,113,115, Lk 17:17; Ps 103:2-5 Ps 115:18; 113:9

140-150 Mk 3:22-23

John taught his disciples such prayers as were more filled up with petitions and requests; for it is said of them that they did make prayers, Luke 5:33. The word signifies such prayers as are properly petitioner. "Now, Lord, teach us other way of prayer to be added to those benedictions which we have been accustomed to from our childhood." Christ did here teach them a prayer consisting wholly of petitions, and even omitting the doxology which had been affixed; and the Amen, which was usually said in the giving of thanks (1 Cor 14:16), and in the Psalms, is added to doxologies only. Jesus taught them prayer consisting of, ADORATION, CONFESSION, THANKSGIVING, and PETTITION.


a. A sincere fellowship with God is the most important aspect in the Christian life, Mk 1:35; Luke 5:17.

b. Prayer should be our first option and not the last, Jas 5:13.

c. Only God can tell of the number of angels that minister to us during the time of prayer, Rom 8:26-27.

 Jesus taught them a simple mathematical prayer of one plus one.

 He therefore continues by first of all giving them the rules.

 When you pray do not be like the hypocrites.

 How do the hypocrites and the Pharisees love to pray? Vs 5

a) Jesus then opened their mind to understand the meaning and the principles of prayer.

b) He started by given them rules or a caution, vs 5,7.

c) He began by telling them the common mistakes in Jewish prayer.

i. Place: in the high way or street corners; note, there were two major ways into the synagogues.

Thought 1: Some love to pray publicly, love representing the group, because they are fluent in prayer, but lack that essential love for private prayer. While for some, they pray before their family (meal, family prayer, in church when called upon, and while eating in restaurants, but seldom pray in private. Christ said how destitute their prayer is.

Thought 2: the man who prays in public pray for just one reason, recognition, not that he love to pray. The sin is not failing to pray, but the sin is only praying in the church and in public (to be seen or hard by men). Public prayer poses danger he is admired and seen as an eloquent praying person. The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know, 1Cor.8:2

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