Summary: Centers around Christians tithing


LEV. 27:30-34

Often times, Gods= commandments seems strenuous ..

Most of the time it seems this way because C as a people we do not want to obey God.

There are times when we find our selves in the midst of a blessing, but because we will not do our part with what God has already gave us; we find those blessings slipping out of our hand.

God has many ways in His control over life and nature that those whom are disobedient to the laws of giving can and will loose a blessing.

Now, don’t get me wrong B I know that we all are wonderfully blessed and that God is the joy of your strength, but there are times when that extra measure of blessing needs to flow, or that times when the window seems as if it not quite open wide enough to fit your lifestyle. Of perhaps that is that special blessing that you=ve prayed about - but seems as if it just won=t come.

I=m sure there are times when we look at how the unsaved are prospering - how it seems as if life is going well for them..... But I need you to know that there will come a time that there day will come.

Perhaps there are times that you wonder how those that do not give unto the Lord - get so much in life..... Well you can ease your mind - God will get what belong to Him one way or another. It may not seem that God is getting His back C But I assure you - HE IS

When unexpected trouble happen and you’ve got to use that little money that you have save. . .


When things break and must be fixed - GOD IS GETTING HIS BACK

When those unexpected doctor visits pop up - GOD IS GETTING HIS BACK

When you thought that you had all the bills paid - and another one show up


When you think that your car is running pretty good B and all of a sudden it breaks down


In our text we find the law given by God to Moses concerning the Tithe (tithe mean 10th)

The tithe begun with Abraham in Gen. 14:20

Promised by Jacob in Gen. 28:22

And now it appointed to the children of Israel that they should pay tithe of all their increase, their corn, their trees and their cattle. . . Whatever the increase of their possessions, whatever they grew, raised or planted, whatever the benefits of God, the children of Israel has to honor God with the ten per-cent of what they owned. Anything that was titheable God was due His part.

It wasn’t the fact that God was being harsh, hard or unjust, But God wanted Israel to acknowledge Him as the owner of the land they possessed and as them as tenants; whereas they were dependent on Him.

When the law fell in this order, As Israel enjoyed the blessings and benefits of God, they also gave Him thanks. . . .

Prov. 3:9 teaches us to honor the Lord with our substance.

How much more can this be done by other than the tithe. . . . I believe that it=s a very good contract. Give God 10% first and you keep 90% . ... Generally in contracts and business deals the owner stands to make the profit, But now in this contract, God only wants 10% first, and you keep 90 percent.

I’ve found that they are 4 types of tithers

1. The Justified Tither: this is the tither that always has an excuse . . . . tries to fool God and man..

2. The Selfish Tither: this is the tither that gives to God. That which was set aside for God must not be altered; I’ve found that certain people want to give God the part they don’t want to keep for themselves. But I stopped by to tell you that God will take it, Santify it;make it holy, and use it for His own good. Then He will take from you the part that you kept for yourself; and give that to someone else.

V-33B said that he must not pick out the good form the bad or make any substitution.

3. The Holistic Tither: Those that mark everything in-which they are to tithe; that through their curiosity to see where it goes and who will receive it... . This is so that these will bragg on what they have done and uses the marks as evidence that it was given by them. .. That’s my mark

Verse 31 teaches us that when we tithe like this C God will add on another 5% - You might not that you are paying it B but somewhere down life’s highway, God is getting His 5%.

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