Summary: For God’s sake, find a new song to sing.

1 John 1:1-4

I want to talk about Cheering UP

Everything we do,

We should do out of THANKSGIVING

The church seems to have forgotten----


You owe God nothing---

But you should give him everything—He paid it all

Not only has Jesus, Paid your debt, set you free, Given You life—

He wants you to experience JOY, Laughter, happiness, smiles, FUN!!!!

People that don’t like to have fun----Make me mad---Lighten up, Cheer up

Church is fun, God is Love, The Holy spirit is moving, and Jesus is Lord


But too many Christians are too focused on the negative in their life…...Diabetes, HBP, knees, demon

Lose the Blues


When things are down---There’s only one place to Go----IT AINT THE BAR

Let’s renew our mind and lose the Blues

1.Learn how to encourage Yourself

Many Christians forget---Christ is in them---

They look up instead of In

It’s nice to have Good Reports, Straight A Children, A marriage Hotter-Brad/Angelina

But sometimes we don’t get those things----The good report doesn’t come

You find your Child’s idol isn’t Albert Einstein--- Napoleon Dynamite

Don’t lose Heart---You have a God….AND A GOOD ONE

You have to have the ability to find your strength in the LORD---Use it

If you have to have—Constant encouragement, Come on, Come on

You’ll be the biggest Junkie in Lubbock,

You won’t be able to live w/o someone cheering you on

When someone doesn’t---Get touchy, meeting in Parking Lot, Pretty, Nice shoes, Hug, massage, rub down , French Kiss----YOU’LL GET MAD---Spiral


We have to learn to find strength—

Not in me, or Elders, Drugs, Booze,

Find the Strength of the LORD, THAT IS IN YOU

1 Samuel 30:1-6—No prayer chain, Church,----

BY HIMSELF- Got it back

I have to do that some Sunday’s---

Get up, Look at Ya’ll…..Encourage myself

I got my own set a problems---

You have direct Access to God at anytime

You’ll have pain in this life---

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off—Play thru pain

Not everyone’s gonna like You---Mean, angry, spiteful…That just Christians

2.Learn to Encourage Other people---Romans 14:19

Paul says, “God of all encouragement”---


IF you really need encouragement---SOW IT---It’s will be your harvest

Not some addiction---TO puff You up---

It will be rightfully yours

Quit being so judgemental----reaping judgement

It’s takes a while---I don’t judge people---someday I’ll get my harvest

Acts 15:30-32

The slightest effort on Your part---

Change their day, CHANGE YOUR LIFE

3.Don’t be moved by fear- Acts 20:22-24

Everything on the news is to scare you---

Gas Prices, Global Economy, Terrorism, Hurricanes, End Times

Any time there’s an earthquake, Tsunami, Or Hurricane----RAPTURE

If that’s stuffs all you can talk about, YOURE THROUGH LIVING

These people just want to scare You ---

God’s sat through more than a CAT 5, and an earthquake—

He searched a whole city one time---Couldn’t find 5 Righteous people

Today?? That would be on news, TBN, 700 Club, ---Jesus is coming Back

Jesus doesn’t have to come back—

He’s here—In you, and You---

Got family members bringing you down---Leave em alone

Be cordial..

If it’s your Mom and Dad---Honor Them----


4.Be patient and Thankful---and wait on God---Isaiah 40:31

We only have to wait on God because we are ahead of Him

Be patient---Great things may not happen everyday

“I wanna be more like Jesus”—

We’ll what Happened between 9 and 30

Every day stuff- Being patient, waiting, and BEING THANKFUL

You can stay the way you are, or you can change---Lose the blues

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