Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 11th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross".

Series: “From The Cradle To The Cross” [#11]


John 6:5-9


John 6:5-9

1. Philip=Realistic

2. Andrew=Rational

3. We often focus on Philip and Andrew’s disbelief; but squeezed in one verse is a picture of a faithful servant of God.

Not Acknowledged

1. What was the boy’s name? Who was he?

2. He was an unknown hero.

3. There are many here who serve God with no acknowledgment.

Not Asked

1. The boy’s food was offered up without him being asked.

2. It was assumed that he would give up his food.

3. Those who faithfully serve are often times expected to serve and give things up when no one else will without ever being asked.

Not Appreciated

1. No one thanked the boy.

2. No one recognized the boy to the crowd.

3. Many times those who are serving are never appreciated, just abused.


1. A great work was accomplished by Jesus because 1 boy was faithful.

2. God can do miracles through you if you will be faithful.

3. Are you not acknowledged, asked, or appreciated?

Matthew 20:20-28

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