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Summary: There are many Sheep out there today who have wandered away from the Fold. You and I as Preachers of the Gospel should cry loud and spare not the good news of safety, security, and the Shepherd who cares for us.

Sheep have a Shepherd. Sheep have a Leader. Sheep need good grass and still waters to feed on. The Lord Jesus is and all they need to survive. The Prophet Isaiah said in chapter 53: ALL we LIKE SHEEP have gone astray. Peter said for ye were AS SHEEP going astry but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

A local Farmer told me that if a Sheep went astray too often that He would break his leg so he could’nt wander off anymore. But while the leg healed the Shepherd would carry the wounded Sheep around.

Lost Sheep wander away from some important things. Let’s look at a few:

1. Their Notes of Praise..vs.164,

a. in their testimony...vs.172,152,171,vs.27,42,46..

b. in their trials...vs.153,157,143,107,vs.54,83,84-87..

c. in thankfulness...vs.15,152,111,62,63,68,...

2. Lost the Need to Pray..vs.2..

a. for their sins...vs.92-93...107...1-john.1:9...( note that except for vss.1-3 and 115 it is a prayer to God from David...what a prayer!!! )

b. for other sheep ( saints )...105,136,..other requests and burdens that people have ask in prayer

c. for sinners..vs.130,155...sinners are watching us and we are supposed to be a light and live the Gospel .

Not only do lost sheep lose their Notes of Praise and their Need to Pray, but they also are on:

3. Neglected Paths...vs.24..jerem.6:16...prov.4:26

a. un-walked paths...vs.133,59,...psalms.37:the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way...

b. un-weeded paths...vs.9..120...we as sheep need good grass and if we don’t pull the weeds up by the roots they will come back...1-corin. says "examine yourselves whether ye BE IN the faith,prove your own selves.."...

c. un-wise paths..vs.18...vs.67,71,75,1, remember the prodigal son....the man that went DOWN from Jerusalem to Jericho and his situation....revelation.2:5...

Yes, there are LOST SHEEP today who meet these things. The Wonderful News is thst Today if ye will hear HIS voice, harden not your heart.

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