Summary: Most of us have given or gotten love letters or notes. But if you were told that there are thousands and thousands of love letters written to you, would you want to open them up? Would you want to know who they were from? This sermon tries to take each

Love Letters Genesis 1:1 - Revelation 22:21

I love my little girl. She is cute. She is sharp. She is loving. She reminds me of my wife in many ways. Now believe me, I know she will one day turn into a teenager. And I hope that all the teenage boys will stay far, far away from her. But I know that one day she’ll get something in the mail, e-mail or text message that will resemble some sort of love letter. It will be her first love letter and do you think she’ll put off opening it? No. She will grab it, run into her bedroom, slam the door behind her and start reading it over and over again. She’ll have it committed to memory by suppertime. And the questions will start coming, “What did he mean by that?” “Do you think he’s nice?” “Do I really like him?” “Does he really love me?” And it will take a team of Clydesdales to keep me from throwing away the letter and hunting that teenage boy down like this Spring season’s turkey.

But I know love letters exist and I’m pretty sure my wife and I have given and received some in our lifetime. I’m notorious for keeping everything that is mailed to me and I still have a love note she put on my car windshield when we were dating. I love and savor that note not only because it is cute but she made sure to leave a red kiss mark on the paper for me - you know, just in case anybody would forge a love note and leave it on my windshield.

If I were to ask you if you kept any old love notes or letters I wonder how many of us would produce enough evidence to convict us in the court of the romantic? I’m sure a lot of us. But if I were to tell you today that there are thousands and thousands of love letters written to you, would you want to know where they were? Would you want to open them? Would you be curious who wrote them to you? Would you take the time to ask the questions, “What did He mean by that?” “Do you think He’s nice?” “Do I really like Him?” “Does He really love me?”

You see this Bible, the Word of God, is full of God’s ultimate love letters to you. Written in red and more timeless than any diamond, these love letters open up to you and I the reality of how much He really does love you, how costly His love is for you, how far He will go to show you His love and what He does to make His promise of love come true.

This morning I want us to try and get to the essence of these love letters by looking at each book, from Genesis to Revelation. We need to try and savor each of His words for us as He tries to bring us close to His heart. And I hope that as we whirl through His words, you not only get a picture of His love for you but that you would respond. Open them up again and again and again and see how completely He knows and loves you. As you listen, pick one or two books that speak to you. So hold on tight, get ready to write, let’s go:

Genesis - He was before you were and He wanted to create you. And despite our curse of sin He already had a plan to bring you back to Him. He has promises since the beginning.

Exodus - He knew that you were slaves and yet He would lead you out of the wilderness and give you such freedom to live and love within His great Commandments.

Leviticus - He is a jealous God. Not wanting you to be impure and running after gods that couldn’t or wouldn’t love you.

Numbers - He is your fire by night that numbers each of us as a part of His family. His love for you even while you wander.

Deuteronomy - His reminder of the law that means to protect your heart and relationship with Him. How you will be blessed if you follow Him and His covenant.

Joshua - God being true to His Word and how much He loves you. He will bless you. He will lead you to the Promised land.

Judges - Even when you turn your back on God over and over He still finds a way to set you free if only you say you’re sorry.

Ruth - When you are faithful to Him you move from emptiness to fullness; from hopelessness to hope. He is your redeemer.

First and Second Samuel - God protects you from your enemies and promises that one day the real King, His Son - who walked this earth as the fullness of love, will come.

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