6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Love your neighbor as yourself without making excuses.

Love your neighbor as yourself without making excuses.

One of the greatest commandments we have is to love

our neighbor as we love ourself. However, this

commandment is so profound that we often come up with

excuses in order to avoid obeying God’s word. Just

like the "expert in the Law" in Luke 10:25, who attempted to come up with an excuse, by redefining his neighbor, we too invent our own excuses to avoid loving our neighbor as the Bible commands.

Here are four excuses we use to avoid loving our


1. We change the word, "Love" to another word that

requires less effort, such as "tolerate" or

"understand". Afterall, one does not have to

work as hard in order to "Tolerate your neighbor

as yourself".

2. We replace the word "neighbor" with "friend"

or "family member". We would all rather love our

friend or brother or grandmother instead of a

neighbor that we may not know at all. According to

Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan, our neighbor

is anyone we may meet today who needs our help or

attention...our love.

3. We simply ignore the last two words of this great

commandment. That way, it will be much easier to

love your neighbor, since any kind deed that you

may do for your neighbor will suffice. However,

if you are to love your neighbor as yourself, the

demand increases greatly. It is then not enough

to perform some act of kindness for a stranger,

for you must do for him exactly what you would do

for yourself if you were in his situation. Your

kindness must not stop until you have done for

him what you would have wanted him to do for you.

We call that, "The Golden Rule", (Matt. 7:12).

4. The final excuse we often do with this commandment

is to change the word "neighbor" (singular) to

the word "neighbors" (plural). Once we do this,

we can feel overwhelmed with the idea of trying to

love everyone in our community. Since we do

not have enough hours in the day, nor enough

resources and energy to love everyone just like we

would love ourself, we therefore treat everyone

the same. We ignore them equally.

But the Bible says, "Love your neighbor (singular)

as yourself. That means "one person at a time"

or "one family at a time". There is no need to

feel overwhelmed in loving one neighbor we may

come across tomorrow who needs help.

In the story of the sheep and the goats in Matt. 25:31,

those who Jesus described as the sheep were the ones who found time to love their neighbor as they loved themselves. They fed the hungry, made the lonely feel

welcomed, took care of the sick, visited those who were in prison and gave clothes to those who had none. They did this one person at a time, regardless

of whether they knew that person or not. These are

the people who will be in Heaven.

As you are to love yourself and take care of your

personal needs, you must also love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself...without making excuses. As Jesus said in Luke 10:28, "Do this and you will live".

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commented on Oct 12, 2012

Where did you get that take on this verse? Jesus did not say go and do the opposite.

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