Summary: God’s love is so misunderstood. This message looks at a prophecy delivered in 2008 about what God’s love means.

God is good. All the time. To me. Say it again. God is good. All the time. To me! Praise the Lord!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading through some of the prophecies that have come forth here in this church. I came across one from 2008 that’s titled “Love, Repentance, and Judgment.”

As I started to read through the prophecy, the Lord began to show me some things. We’re going to read through the prophecy this morning and I’m going to share some of the things the Lord shared with me.

“My love is so misunderstood. So many of the churches that name the name of My Son really do not understand My love. There are so many people, My children, and those that are lost, who truly want to know My love and truly want to understand Me. But because so much of the mind of man has been able to creep into the church and define My love, there are many who do not understand My love.”

Here in the first paragraph the Lord tells us why His love misunderstood. The mind of man has crept into the Church. We’re starting to define love based on how the world defines love.

Now here is what the Lord is saying and I want you to listen to me ladies and gentlemen. God is telling us that the church is allowing sin to define what is holy. Everything in this world is run by the evil one, run by Satan.

The Church has fallen into the trap of allowing sin to dictate what is holy. The Church has fallen into the trap of allowing sin to determine what is acceptable and not acceptable.

Yesterday I read a piece by the highly regarding research organizations, Pew Research. This particular article was about “8 facts about love and marriage in the United States.”

? The number of U.S. adults cohabiting with a partner is on the rise. In fact, it has increased 29% in a little over 10 years.

? One-half of those are younger than 35.

? Cohabitation is rising most quickly in the age group 50 and above.

I don’t have to tell you that cohabitation between a single man and a single woman is wrong, do I? I don’t have to tell you that cohabitation between a single man and a single man is wrong, do I? I don’t have to tell you that cohabitation between a single woman and a single woman is wrong, do I? Praise God! Because I have to tell you this then someone needs to get born again! As they used to say when I was growing up: someone needs Jesus!

? In this same research, it said large majorities of Generation Zers, Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers say couples living together without being married doesn’t make a difference for our society.

Did you hear me? Do you know why they say this? They don’t know The Book. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what’s at stake here.

If you are a single woman and a single man living together, if you’re a single man and single man living together, single woman and single woman living together – and you don’t repent – heaven is not your destination. You are going to hell and you can quote me. I got scripture to back me up. You are not going to heaven.

But according to the world it doesn’t make a difference. It’s just what we do these days. Ladies and gentlemen, all of us have people in our lives who are living this way and they think they are Christians. If they are living this way and there’s nothing on the inside of them saying this is wrong, I have news for you and for them. They are not born again. They are lost. Say it with me: They are lost.

What is our role in this world as Christians? Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Now we are the ones who are to seek and save the lost. When we see people who are lost, especially family members and friends, and we don’t tell them they are not going to heaven, it is on us. God is going to hold us responsible.

Back to the 2008 prophecy.

“If you want to know what My love is like and if you want to understand how My love can work in your life, and if you want to know how much I love you, then you need to read My Word and accept what My Word says because in My Word I am constantly demonstrating My love.”

God says we need to read His Word and, and, accept what it says. When someone comes to you about subjects like cohabitation, you don’t tell them what you think. You tell them what the Bible says. And if you don’t say what the Bible says, you have not accepted His Word.

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