Summary: Does God love others even though they are different?

(Hold up a small, old, tattered bible.)

Do ya see this bible? What does it look like?

(Look for the words old, and something to the effect of “torn up”)

(Hold up a new bible.)

See this bible? What does it look like?

(Look for the words new, and “clean”)

(Always wait for answers…sometimes lead them to the right answer.)

What’s the difference between the two? One is old, one is new? Maybe one has all the pages, and one is missing a few. Different colors. Maybe one is a different version.

How about the inside? Do they say the same things?

Do you think that God loves this new bible? Why?

How about this old bible? Do you think that God loves this old bible also? How come? Does it say the same thing?

You know that God loves you. God loves people that look old, and tattered also. Even though they might be old, or one might be missing an arm or leg, even if one is a different color than you, maybe even one of you say something a different way, God loves you the same.

As you go through the week, try to see others the way that God sees them. Try to see them as a person who thinks, acts, and talks like you. Try to see them without their differences. Just focus on the fact that God loves others as much as He loves you.

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