Summary: Loving the Lord through your witness to others

Loving the Lord, Part 7 (Loving through your Witness)

Galatians 6:7-10


Last week, we discussed the importance of loving our church enough to understand that it is a place reserved for teaching biblical doctrine, providing a place to be educated, and understanding that the church body is called to grow.

Acts 2 verse 47 shows us the most important result of being committed to grow and that is the church was “praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

If the church is faithful to obey – every day souls would be impacted for the Kingdom of God. I asked you last week to imagine that … EVERY DAY we could see souls saved and impacted if we would be faithful.

Are you willing? Are you willing to witness for Jesus Christ?

This morning, we will look at our role in this growth – centering on our Witness for Jesus Christ and how our lives must reflect the Gospel in everything we do.

Read Galatians 6:7-10


Before we can honestly serve the Lord, we have to understand that God cannot (will not) be mocked.

Point 1 – God cannot be mocked (we reap what we sow) (v7)

Before we can truly witness with our lives, we have to understand that God is honestly paying attention to what we do.

We have discussed in past messages in this series about loving the lord through our actions – and all of those actions culminate (really) in this verse – God cannot be mocked.

When we mock something, we are acting with a complete lack of respect towards something or someone.

Example: when we say we will pray for someone, and we don’t – we are mocking God’s thing … Prayer! God created prayer for us to use … not vice versa.)

Another example: When we make a commitment to do something – in the name of the Lord – to not do that thing is mocking God.

Consider for a moment a garden that you want to plant.

All year long you are thinking about that garden – all the crops you want to plant, the harvest that is going to come from it – and when it comes time to plant the garden you never lift a finger.

Months later … do you think you will have a successful garden?

Of course not!

The same applies to how we work for the Lord.

If we sit and consider all the things we would like to do, but never get out of the pew to do them, we won’t be very successful either.

When I read this verse, I see two things to consider.

First, I see that God commands that we work for Him in everything that we do – from our personal to our visible life – we are to be working constantly for the Lord.

Second, I see that we obviously reap what we sow.

Consider that old garden again … if we never work in it, it will be a pile of weeds that we will never see a harvest from.

Many Christians are walking around telling people that they have these beautiful lives of worship and service to God, when in all actuality they have nothing more than a pile of weeds.

Remember, God cannot be mocked! Therefore, if we are acting like we are doing all these wonderful things – but in reality are doing nothing – we are mocking the very principles that God established for His believers.

Church, we are reaping what we are sowing here.

If we do nothing, we get nothing.

If we work for the Lord, we see results from the Lord.

It really is that simple – we reap what we sow Saints, and without getting out there … nothing gets done!

When we do work for the Lord, there are ALWAYS results!

Point 2 – What is the result of sowing (v8)

Verse 8 shows us that no matter what we do, there will be results.

When we sow into our sinful nature, we see the results of what this world has been producing for decades now.

Consider this: As Christians, we allowed the removal of prayer from schools for one reason – we were too lazy to take a stand – and because of that schools have deteriorated to the point where police officers are in attendance every single day.

This is not my opinion – but a fact of life we are now seeing every day!

We conformed to this world to not hurt feelings, and there are the results.

Consider what else we are allowing today in the name of not making any waves? Marriage issues? Political opinions? Sinful desires?

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