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Responibliyies to the aurthority of God

I. We need to reconcider His aurthority.v 1

A) His postion. (the throne)

B) His supeririorty. (high and lifted up)

C) His control. (His train filled)

II. We need to reveiw His aurthority. v.1,3,4

A) The need to exaime our hearts.v3. (holy holy holy)

B) The need to exaime the peoples lives. (we are living in the greatest

time to win souls)

C) the need to exaime the Lord. ( my eyes have seen the Lord)

III. The revival from His aurthority. v.6-9

A) Conviction is activated. v.6

B) Cleansing is applied. v.7

C) Call is finially excepted.

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