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Summary: Our vision of God may be small, blurred, blind or magnified.

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Someone whose eyes and mind magnify the Lord

1 Sam 17 When David went to the battlefield, the army were afraid; they saw Goliath as big and God as small

However, David saw a big God and a small man with a big mouth

When people are against you, how do you see God? As one who curls up and runs away? Or one who stands and sees the magnification of the Lord?

2 Kings 6 Elijah saw what his servant didn’t when the enemy surrounded them

Not only the army of the Lord, but God was magnified in the situation

When circumstances surround you, magnify the Lord

Mary said, ‘my soul magnifies the Lord… Luke 1:46

Here was God beginning to show the first glimpse of His plan of salvation

Mary doesn’t want to be seen before her Lord, but she made her God bigger than herself

As the people of God we never should out-view the Lord

Many times men and women seem bigger than the God they serve

Col 3:3 Paul said, For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

When we see God bigger we will see people, difficulties and even Satan smaller

We are to see God big. ‘In the beginning God’, He is all in all;

The text is our telescope allowing us to see how God worked in the lives of men and women

We must study the scriptures to get the right image of who God is, and who we are


We don’t wear our spiritual glasses

We know God can do mighty things, we just don’t see it for ourselves

If you can’t see what He want you to see then look deeper

And get focused

The fearful soul has a right view of God in many respects, but the faithful soul has a right view of God in all respects.

Vision is about good focus PP slide 14

We cannot make God any greater or higher than he is, but if our focus is out, then He is obscured

It’s about time the church really focused on the Lord and not themselves

We have services where we never see God at all

The focus is wrong/blurred

He is always greater than we see or imagine, more vast and incomprehendable

If He isn’t the biggest thing to you and this church, then you are blurred in your vision

Like Is 14 lift your eyes up and see……..

Do people say about us? ‘Their God is mighty and He is displayed in their life and their church’

So what can we as mere humans do?

We can do nothing, but magnify Him

Job had a conversation with God about life when God seemed small and far away

God wanted to know who it was that set the stars in place

Who told the sea to go thus far and no more

What was God doing with job?

He was saying, ‘keep your focus on me’

Take your eyes off your friends, off your family, off your situation

Look at me through spiritual glasses and keep focused despite what’s happening

I know in whose hands I am, and I am persuaded that He is able to preserve me, so that when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

If I go into the fire, I shall not be burned; "I shall come forth." Like the three young men, though the furnace be heated seven times hotter, the Son of man will be with me in the furnace, and "I shall come forth" with not even the smell of fire upon me.

Yes, "I shall come forth," and none can obstruct me because my vision is on Him and I will magnify the Lord

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