Summary: You Have To Get Involved To Make A Difference


Luke 8:41-56

I have preached a number of times from the story of Jairus and his daughter, but often with the miracle that Jesus performed as my topic. Jairus’ story, along with the case of the woman with the issue of blood, is good preaching material if you want to brag on what Jesus can do in a family’s life.

However, tonight I want to look at the story again with Jairus himself in mind. As I contemplated him I was very impressed with three specific attitudes that Jairus (a man) manifested. These attitudes made a difference to one.

I. His Concern For The Child

The scriptures tell us that Jairus was the ruler of the synagogue. This implies that he was a very important person and surely quite busy. He would be the administrator or overseer of the local synagogue where he lived. He managed the business affairs and was responsible for conducting the services, and would have been one of the most respected men in the community.

However, it is not the synagogue that he is concerned about. He has forgotten all about his duties as a ruler and has nothing but the health of his daughter in mind. He is an important and busy man who is not too important and too busy to be a dad. His daughter is sick and nothing is more important to him just now than getting help for his only child. That impresses me!

I pray God will give us men who will carry a burden for children. We need some men who are genuinely concern for children. Men who are not to busy to show a genuine interest in young people. I understand a woman being concerned over a child, but here is a man with genuine concern and interest.

He prayed to the Lord about the child.

A. It was a humble prayer - "he fail at his feet."

This man Jairus was a "big man." He was a man of wealth and prestige, but he also recognized the need was greater than he was.

B. It was a heartfelt prayer - “besought him greatly"

Jairus meant business. He was convinced that his daughter was going to die apart from a miracle.

Just as needy are those children who are lost without Christ. The greatest need humanity has is not the healing of their sickness; it is the healing of their soul.

II. His Confidence In The Christ!

Jairus got news that Jesus was passing through his town, and he was determined that he would not let Him pass without a healing touch for his daughter. The fame of Jesus had spread and Jairus knew the stories of all the miracles people were claiming He had done. Jairus seemed to believe that all he needed to do was get Jesus to his house and his daughter would be helped. He had complete trust that Christ was all she needed.

Now you must remember that Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue. This would mean he was one of the chief religious men of that region, and we know that the religious elders of that day had no use for Jesus. As a religious ruler, Jairus would have considered Jesus a heretic and blasphemer.

But someone had convinced him that Jesus could heal this child, and he was willing to abandon his religious prejudices, endure the scorn of his colleagues, and humble himself before the Lord to get Christ to his daughter.

O, for men and women that too have confidence that if they can get a child to God, everything will be alright. Children face pressures we know nothing about, and they need a close relationship with their Savior just as you and I do.

Are you totally confident that Christ is the answer? Does it show in your actions?

See Mark 2:1-4. There is no sacrifice too great. They are willing to change their personal schedule to meet the need of this man. They were convince Christ was the answer.

A drill officer was putting his men through some exercises. "Lie on your backs," he barked. "Raise your legs. Now move them as riding a bicycle."

However, there was one man who held his legs motionless, "What the big ideal?" asked the drill officer.

"I am coasting downhill," answered the man.

From the looks of many in the church today, the members are just coasting downhill. Many in the church are coasting because they are not firmly convinced of the need, the cure, and the shortness of the hour.

III. His Commitment to The Cure!

If you read through the story too fast you will miss the fact that Jairus faced some great obstacles. It would have been easy to get discouraged and even have quit, but he would not stop till this child was made whole.

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