Summary: I got the outline from a sermon preached by Dr. Joe Arthur, pastor of Harvest Baptist Tabernacle in Jonesboro, GA. preached at Sword of the Lord Conference at Gospel Light Baptist Church. The Donkey had to be BOUGHT, BROUGHT and BROKEN.

Introduction - Luke 19:29-40

Bethphage and Bethany are across the valley from Jerusalem.

It is only populated as people were preparing for a feast in the Temple.

Like Madison/Mayodan/Stoneville/Eden before a Martinsville NASCAR race.

Jesus is preparing for the “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem.

He is going to present Himself as their Messiah, their King.

Of course, we know they will reject Him and on Friday, will crucify Him.

He tells two of His disciples to go into the village (either Bethpage or Bethany).

There they will find a colt, a donkey.

They are to untie the colt, the donkey and bring it to Jesus.

V34 “The Lord hath need of him.”

The Lord of all Lords, the King of all Kings,

The only true and living God, the Creator of the Universe,

The great I AM that I AM

has need of something!!

Jesus has need of something!

Jesus has need of an old donkey.

If God can use a Whale, If God can use a Rooster, God can use a Donkey.

If God can use a Whale, a Rooster, A Donkey, He can use me and you!!

If the donkey can do it, you and I can also!!

The poor, old donkey got NO PRAISE or RECOGNITION.

Jesus got all the PRAISE and RECOGNITION.

Listen, it is ALL ABOUT HIM, it’s all about JESUS,

Not the Whale, not the Rooster, not the Donkey, Not you or me!

Let’s learn 3 things about this poor, old donkey

That, just might, apply to you and me.


The Donkey is under a curse!

We read in Exodus 34 that a Donkey’s colt shall have his neck broken.

The colt is under a curse from the Lord – that the colt should DIE.

But God has a plan!

The Donkey’s colt CAN BE REDEEMED

But the colt can only be redeemed with the blood of a LAMB.

REDEEMED has 3 uses

-Purchased by paying a price

-Purchased to one’s self

-Purchase to set free to serve

When the Donkey’s colt is REDEEMED, the curse is lifted!

Apply to mankind – (you and me)

Like the colt, we are under a curse

Ezekiel 18:20a, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die…””

Romans 6:23a, “The wages of sin is death…”

Like for the colt, God has a plan

Like the colt, Mankind can be REDEEMED –

but only with the blood of a LAMB (actually THE lamb).

-Purchased because Jesus paid the price.

-Purchased for Jesus, Himself

-Purchased and set free to serve.

Like the colt, the curse has been lifted – because of REDEMPTION!

The only things Jesus ever purchased in this life, was my lost soul!!


V30 the colt was found tied-up and bound-up to lesser things

The stubbornness, strength of a colt is no match for what holds him.

Someone had to go to where the colt was.

Someone had to do something to get the colt loosed.

Someone had to get the colt loosed from the lesser things.

Someone has any questions? “The Lord has need of him.”

NO ONE can or will stop them from taking the colt to Jesus.

Jesus had need of the colt to take Him to the city, to the world.

Apply to mankind – (you and me)

We were bound up – by drugs, lust, hate, excesses, pride, sin, and more.

Lesser things hold us, things below us, things weaker than us

Someone had to go to where we were – in our sin

Someone had to do something to loose us – set us free.

Someone had to bring us to Jesus

If someone tries to stop us and question us.

“The Lord has need of him.”

Satan or any Demon in existence cannot stop us.

“The Lord has need of him (or her).”

Jesus has NEED of those we bring to Him,

to take Him to the city, to the world.


V30, “….find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat…..”

The nature of the colt is to fight, bite, resist, buck, sit, kick.

It was not natural for him to do what was needed for him to do.

But when brought to Jesus, he became submissive.

The colt did that which was NOT NATURAL for the colt to do.

Apply to mankind – (you and me)

It is not our nature to serve, give, pray, study, love, submit, etc

But Jesus commands – AND IT IS DONE!

He can create something from nothing

He can cure all kinds of diseases

He can heal the physically broken

He can command Demons

He can even raise the dead.

The Donkey carrying Jesus in Jerusalem.

The crowd all over the place – massive numbers of people – pressing in

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