Summary: Learning from Peter

Make Your Calling, & Election, Sure

II Peter 1:10

I took the text from II Peter. It was written just after Paul’s death and very close to his own. I believe of all of the Apostles, Peter was the most familiar with trials that will defeat us if we do not heed his advice. He was resourceful, dynamic, bold, and fearless. And these very great strengths were actually his weaknesses. Let us look at Peter and learn.

1. Peter had fear of circumstances that he couldn’t control ……………………. Mat. 14:23-33

• None of the other disciples were aware of the struggle

• His own temperament got him into this situation

• He was in familiar waters

• He was in the center of God’s will

• He took his eyes off of Jesus

• The other’s couldn’t help him

• Jesus would have passed by!

2. Peter feared those who didn’t believe …………… Matt. 26:58 ... Peter followed afar off

• He was in the wrong crowd

• He starts to lie

• He swears to support his lie

• Adam Clarke believes started swearing by the name of God

• This same Peter who cut a man’s ear: What a change of character: Away from Jesus

• Repented

3. Peter feared those who didn’t agree with him …………………………………… Galatians 2:12

• Afraid to spread the word for fear of offending

• Afraid to pray in restaurants

• Afraid to say it is wrong to kill the unborn

• Afraid to stand against social injustice.

• Afraid to stand alone in the will of God


Each occasion is the result of either following too far behind or taking his eyes off of Jesus.

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