Summary: An Expository Sermon On Psalm 27 on Dealing With And Overcoming Fear By Focusing On God

Making Fear Disappear Psalm 27

Pastor Larry Sarver

New Life in Christ

1633 SW 34th St. Palm City, FL 34990


Illustration: The Pillsbury Dough Boy. Cute. Cuddly. And wanted for attempted murder. Well, not exactly ...

A woman in Arkansas was sitting in her car in a parking lot last year when she heard a loud bang and then felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. She was holding her hands behind her head when someone walked by and asked, "Are you OK?" The woman answered, "I’ve been shot in the head, and I’m holding my brains in."

Well, it wasn’t her brains. It was dough. A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded in the back seat, apparently from the heat, making a loud explosion and shooting the dough into the back of the woman’s head.

Sometimes our fears are like that ladies. They are unfounded and irrational but more often our fears are based on rational and well-founded reasons. Tonight we will look at Psalm 27 which deals with the subject of fear and how a focus on God can give as victory over all of our fears weather rational or irrational.

Read Psalm 27

Life can be risky and it is therefore filled with opportunities or reasons to fear or have anxiety. When I use the word fear tonight I mean all levels of fear from general apprehension and worry to dread and terror. Fear starts out when we are very young with fears of things like darkness, monsters, etc. and it continues into our teenage years with fears of things like rejection, humiliation and failure. Adulthood is also filled with possible fears such as fear of disease, death, financial problems, broken relationships, loved ones being hurt, storms, failure, aging, crime, etc. I personally know what it is like to be filled with anxiety.

Illustration: I began about a year ago to have some strange symptoms which according to the medical literature and the doctors I was seeing was most likely that was either multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Neither one of these options is a very good one and Satan certainly tried to instill fear into my life at this time. I became very apprehensive and concerned about things such as my family, the church, even the opinions of others and how they would view this disease. My anxiety made it difficult to sleep at night, to think straight during the day, and to worship. It was only when I took my mind off of the problems and future I faced and put my focus on the Lord who is my God that my fears disappeared.

We are anxiety-laden society as the sales of many books on dealing anxiety and the sales of calming drugs indicate. Fear is very unpleasant and it is very harmful physically, mentally, and even spiritually for as the Bible tells us in Matthew 13:22, fear or anxiety chokes out the word of God. Fear can be very displeasing and dishonoring God if we do not respond to it with faith in him. As the Bible says we will have anxieties but we are to "cast all of our anxieties on him." We all want solutions to the fear problem. We all want answers to anxiety. We are looking for something to relieve us from our fears, something to reassure us. We’re looking for some source of security that will instill a perfect confidence and peace within our hearts.

Some people look for that security in their bank account. Some seek that reassurance in a relationship. Others placed their trust in the government, latest drug, etc. None of these are real solutions because none of them offer total security or absolute reassurance. No amount of money, success, or any position in life can truly give you peace in every situation. So the question becomes, "How can we have victory over fear?" That answer to this important question is given in Psalm 27 which says in effect "Focus on God and your fears will disappear!"

Certainly this is the main idea of Psalm 27. In verses 1-3 David expresses his confidence in God and an absence of fear in a very fearful situation because he is focused on God as his Light, Salvation, and Stronghold. In verses 4-7 we see David focused on God. He is living in his presence, looking at his beauty, and listening to his voice. Because of this focus on God and dwelling in his presence David can lift his head with confidence and sing with joy as we see in verses 5,6. In vs. 7-14 he again is focused on God and prays to him in the midst of this trouble and is reminded that God will never forsake him (vs. 10) and will always guide him (vs. 11), therefore even though he does not receive an immediate answer or relief he can still say in verse 13, "I am still confident..."

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