Summary: How would you like to be a part of a team, which impacts history, stories are told about your teams for years? If you were apart of a team like, how would it impact your life?

How would you like to be a part of a team, which impacts history, stories are told about your teams for years? If you were apart of a team like, how would it impact your life?

You may recall in the movie Hoosiers Norman Dale, played by Gene Hackman, takes a rural high school basketball team from Hickory, Indiana to the state finals. On the day of the semifinals, the team arrives at Butler Field House, the huge inner-city arena where they¡¦re to play in just a few hours. When the players enter the arena, their jaws fall open and their eyes are wide open. Gawking at the seats, the stand alone goals, the suspended scoreboard, and the lights, they were awestruck and intimidated.

Coach Dale instructs one of his players to take a tape measure and determine the distance between the free-throw line and the goal. ¡§What¡¦s the distance?¡¨ he asks. ¡§Fifteen feet,¡¨ the player answers. The coach then has the smallest player climb an the shoulders of a taller player so they can measure the goal. ¡§How high is it?¡¨ he asks. ¡§Ten feet,¡¨ the player says.

Coach Dale continues by saying ¡§I believe you¡¦ll find these are the exact same measurements as our court back in Hickory.¡¨ The team members nervously laugh and everybody begins to relax. As they exit the gym, Coach Dale turns to his assistant and whispers, ¡§Sure is big isn¡¦t it!¡¨

We all may be able to recall a time in our life where a challenge seemed to big to handle. Many challenges facing the church today also seem big. But it is important for us to remember the ministry and purpose of the Church has not changed, we just need to take time to get a measurement.

This morning we are going to look at a team who impacted and changed history. Turn to Acts 2:41-47. If ever there was a group of people to model this would be the group. If the Church today would follow their example, I am a firm believer we, as churches, could rewrite history. How can we rewrite history you ask? Excellent question, glad you asked.

We must be ¡§devoted to the apostles¡¦ teachings,¡¨ which is nothing more than being committed and devoted to the Bible. We have to begin seeing the Bible as the early Church did as something more than a set of rules and regulations, more than a history book about people of the past, but as a living, breathing, and relevant book used to transform lives of all who hear it.

Bob Russell in his book When God Builds A Church tells of a special staff meeting he called as they prepared to move into their church building. When the staff arrived, hard hats, magic markers, and Bibles were passed out. He then instructed the staff to go to the classrooms and offices in the building where they would be working and write Scripture verses on the concrete floors.

He told the staff, ¡§Someday soon the Scriptures will be covered with carpet. But I hope you will always remember what you have written today. And what we do today will be a visible reminder that we are always to stand on God¡¦s Word.¡¨ He went on to say ¡§I believe the greatest reason God has chosen to bless Southeast Church and thousands of other churches around the word is that we have been serious about upholding the absolute truth of God¡¦s Word.¡¨

A blessed Church is devoted to God¡¦s Word, and shares in fellowship together. The word ¡§fellowship¡¨ comes from the greek word ¡¥koinonia¡¦ meaning to ¡§share something in common.¡¨

In the Church there are old and young, wealthy and poor, healthy and disabled, black and white, new Christians and mature Disciples. Even with these differences we as God¡¦s people can enjoy fellowship together. Why? We share a common commitment to Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Lord. We share a common lifestyle. 1 John 1:3-7, tells us we share a common goal¡Kto magnify and glorify Jesus in all that we do. We share a common sacrifice. We have chosen not to love the world and we have decided to please our Savior.

Jesus united a group of twelve unlikely men to work together. With their shared belief that Jesus was the Christ, their differences diminished and took a back seat, so they could serve each other and others.

In order to impact history the Church has to be devoted to God¡¦s Word, share in the common fellowship of Christ, and always be in prayer.

A businessman in a small town that had historically been ¡§dry¡¨ revealed his plans to open a bar. A group of Christians from a local church were concerned and planned an all-night prayer meeting to ask God to intervene. Shortly thereafter lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground.

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