Summary: We all want to be used by God to extend His kingdom, but we first must realize that being used by Him requires great sacrifice.

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Having an Effect our the Community

Making Sacrifices that meet Needs

John 6:1-15

I.Be ready to address the needs of the people.(1-5)

A.Jesus draws the crowds. (v.1-2)

1. Why did Jesus perform miracles on the sick?

a. He had a genuine concern for the sick but,

b. He wanted to draw the people to Himself.

2. IE. Our "Back to School Bash": We drew a crowd.

B. Why draw the crowd? To address their needs.

1. Explain the difference between:

Felt needs vs. real needs.

a. Felt needs = Needs that are immediate.

b. Real needs = Jesus Christ!

c. The idea that Jesus is presenting is that we

work to meet the needs that they feel with

the goal of ultimately meeting the real need

that they have to know Jesus Christ.

2. “They don’t care what you know until they know

that you care.”

C. We need to be able to see these needs and reach

to meet them.

1. Illus: Traffic cop giving a ticket to a dead

man in a car.

- “You’re breaking the law! You’re a sinner!”

- We overlook their immediate needs.

II. Be willing to step out on faith. (v. 6-9)

A. Jesus makes the challenge.

1. He doesn’t always call direct! “I just don’t

feel call to do that, Tony.”

2. Isaiah 6:8 The need is presented, “Who shall

go for us?”

B. Two reactions:

1. Reaction of the disciples: Philip and Andrew.

2. Reaction of the little boy.

a. The boy is checking his pockets to see what

he has.

C. Reasons why the boy should not have given.

1. Not a good enough gift.

a. Five barley loaves: poor man’s food,


b. Two fishes: Probably resembled sardines

c. “If I had a million dollars . . .was more

talented, then I could really make a


d. The question is not, “What would you do if

you had more?” The important question

is, “What are you doing with the little that

you have?”

e. In the face of an impossible task, faith

checks what is in his pockets.

“God is not concerned with your ability.

He wants your availability.”

2. Too much of a sacrifice.

a. “Wont be enough left for me.”

- Ministry is tiring. It takes your time,

your attention and your strength.

b. True faith gives it all to God because we

know that He will always provide for us.

D. Compare the disciples to the boy. When Jesus

presents the need to us, what will be our


1. “I don’t have what it takes, Lord. I can’t do

that, Lord.”

2. Empty my pockets. Church Ministries:

Children, Youth, Bible study, Outreach

III. Be able to let Jesus do His work through you.

(v. 10-12)

A. The felt needs are met. The people are full.

1. Jesus tells the disciples, “Gather what is

left over.”

B. We have had some big things happen over the last

few months.

1. Our new church launch on Easter: 80 people in


2. Back Yard Bible Club: 138 kids registered, 30


3. Youth camp took 8 kids: 2 salvation’s.

4. VBS: 87 kids registered 14 salvation’s.

5. Back to School Bash: 60+ people were right at

our back door.

C. Many came for the fun, food, candy, games.

D. Now the hype is gone, the VBS store is closed

and a lot of those people have gone home.

E. Jesus is now telling us, “Gather up the pieces

that are left over. Those are the people that I

want to reach.”

F. We accepted the challenges of the summer, just

like the little boy became available to feed

these 5000. Now we must carry on the work.

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