Summary: The Scripture tells us how to make our election in Christ a sure thing.


II Pet. 1:5-11

INTRO.- ILL.- Two political candidates were having a hot debate. Finally one of them jumped up and yelled at the other, “What about the powerful interests that control you?”

The other guy screamed back, “YOU LEAVE MY WIFE OUT OF THIS.”

What’s that old saying? “Behind every good man is a good woman.” Probably true.

At least, every good male leader should have the backing and support of his wife. And that also means

he ought to listen to what she is saying.

ILL.- Most of us loved the American Humorist, Will Rogers. And he always had a lot to say when it came to politics and politicians. Here are a few of his quotes:

“I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.”

“Congress is so strange. A man gets up to speak and says nothing, nobody listens to him and then

everybody disagrees.”

“Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, they don’t hurt

anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.”

“Our government is the only people that just love to spend money without being compelled to. But the

government is the only people that don’t have to worry where it is coming from.”

“This inflation was brought on by the actions of many people of the whole world, and its weight will be

lifted by the actions of many peoples of the world, and not by a Republican or a Democrat.”

“It looks to me like any man who wants to be President in times like these lacks something.” Could be.

Brethren, whether we agree with Will Rogers or not, we must agree that he had a good sense of humor about our country. And sometimes that may be the best way to deal with politics in our country.

I think it always pays to have a good sense of humor. If nothing else it helps us to swallow many of life’s negative things. Besides, it’s good medicine. Prov. 17:22

Brethren, not everyone gets elected to an office, a political office or otherwise. And it’s a good thing,

because not everyone is cut out to be a leader, nor is leadership as great as it appears to be! Not in every realm.

However, overall it should be considered an honor and a privilege to get elected to any position of leadership. Of course, a position of leadership demands leading. Leadership is a responsible role and

should be taken seriously.

A LEADER SHOULD LEAD. And he or she will lead, whether they realize it or not. And they had better

lead in the right direction!

ILL.- One time we were in the process of installing new fluorescent lights in the fellowship hall at the

First Christian Church of Anna. One of the elders, Brother Harvey Ligon, told me that those lights were

on sale at K-Mart in Carbondale, IL. SO WHAT DID BROTHER HARVEY DO? He said to me, “Preacher, you go up to Carbondale at K-Mart in the next day or so and get those lights.”

No, no, that’s not what he said! Brother Harvey Ligon went to K-Mart himself and picked up those lights. THAT’S LEADERSHIP!

ILL.- Again, Will Rogers once said, “People’s minds are changed through observation and not through

argument.” And that’s what good leadership is all about.

Good elected leaders lead their people! They give them a good example to observe and follow.

PROP.- In this message, I want to talk about the different elections that may be on our minds or

should be on our minds. And I want to encourage you to make these elections a sure thing.

1- Your political election

2- Your church election

3- Your spiritual election


I said something in my sermon last Sunday which I want to repeat. “America will never be saved by anyone who sits in the White House.”

The hope of America is not in the White House, but in Heaven! Amen?!

Brethren, I don’t care how you voted during this election. I just think there is something far more

important about the Presidency than electing one. What is it? It’s our support of the President.

No matter who gets in office they need our support and prayers! If they are ever going to do a good job or do the best they can then we must support them as best we can and pray for them!

ILL.- One time Abraham Lincoln told this interesting story. Abe said, “A traveler on the frontier found

himself, as night came on, in a wild region. A terrible thunderstorm added to his troubles. He

floundered along until his horse gave out and then he had to get off and lead him. Occasional flashes of lightning afforded the only clue to the path, and the crashes of thunder were frightening. One bolt, which seemed to crush the earth beneath him, made him stagger and brought him to his knees. Since he was not much of a praying man, his prayer was short but to the point. He prayed, “OH, LORD, IF IT’S ALL THE SAME TO YOU, GIVE US A LITTLE MORE LIGHT AND A LITTLE LESS NOISE!”

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