Summary: From the beginning of time man wanted to know where he came from and WHO he was. He refused to accept God's way because HIS reality differred from his creator's. Through the ages he was like a blind man, who was struggling to find the light switch.

Over millennium man has asked the question: “WHO am I. WHERE did I come from?” Man’s perception of reality as HE knows it, is restricted to a dotted space in the VAST universe. It starts with a beginning (The present) and has an end (The future). He is conceived as a biological being, raised by parents, live for a while…maybe a second, a minute, a hour, a day, a week, a month, a year OR a little longer and then he dies.

He is raised to believe that conception can NOT occur without the fusion of a sperm cell and an egg cell….here on earth any way. At birth he is given a name to identify himself in the biological pool of earthly life. HIS logic is limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equation. HIS perception of acceptable or unacceptable, truth or lie, actuality or fiction, sleep or being awake, advantage or disadvantage, making sense or non-sense, is influenced by “Cause and Effect.” This is HIS reality……HIS world ….HIS destiny. Anything BEYOND this point is confusing, senseless, impossible and unacceptable.

Genesis 1:1 makes the following statement: “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and earth.” If we continue our study, we’ll find the reference that relates to where WE come from in Genesis 1: 26-27:”Now we’ll make humans and they will be LIKE us. We’ll let them rule the fish, the birds, and ALL other living creatures.” So God created humans to be LIKE Himself; He made a man and a woman. God gave them His blessing.

Our journey into unknown has JUST taken ANOTHER turn. There is a GOD involved….HE who STARTED everything. Where did HE come from? If He created us to be LIKE Himself, what was HE like? Who are the OTHER persons that God speaks to in Genesis 1:26?

According to the law of thermodynamics, NOTHING can be created from NOTHING. Yet THIS God is SO omnipotent (ALL powerful) that He just spoke a WORD, and the infinite universe came into existence. He overrides ALL theories of man’s perception of reality. This act of God is so TOTALLY impossible and insane to man, and HIS logic, that he suggested COUNTER arguments….counter solutions and probabilities, such as evolution and the big bang theory. It’s EASIER for him to associate with these theories and logic, because it falls into the category of HIS perception of REALITY. In order to make the Evolution theory true, evolutionists need a readily available single cell to SUPPORT their argument. THIS is the fundamental requirement for THEIR theory…. a SINGLE CELL. They neglect to explain WHERE this single cell came from, or WHO made it available. The SAME applies to the Big Bang theory. ALL life forms and the universe came into existence AFTER the GREAT explosion that occurred in the beginning of time. Once again followers of THIS theory can NOT explain WHERE the explosion came from.

God gave man a FREE will to conclude, decide AND do THAT which is acceptable unto him. The CONSEQUENCES of the former is however MAN’S responsibility….NOT God’s. We HAVE to understand that man is NOLONGER perfect in body, mind OR soul and has a fellable nature. HIS conclusions and arguments might NOT necessarily be in perfect harmony with GOD’S will. Evolution and the Big Bang Theory PROVE this argument, because BOTH these theories have flaws in them.

According to the book of Genesis GOD created the heavens and the earth in the beginning. There was NO form of life and EVERYTHING was covered in darkness. It does NOT require surgical precision to see the LOGIC of the former explanation…..there was NOTHING in the beginning. Genesis 1:3-27 continue to explain WHAT was created and HOW everything was created… in a SPECIFIC sequence. Man was God’s FINAL creation and the CROWN on His creation….the PERFECT image of HIMSELF and gave him immortality, holiness and the authority to rule over the fishes, birds and ALL other living creatures on earth. In return the Creator ONLY expected his obedience to Him and his worship. When the devil contaminated man’s nature with sin, he lost the GLORY he had with God, his holiness and immortality. He became a friend of the world and an enemy of God. Although God CREATED the universe, He is NOT part of His creation…rightfully so. He did NOT come into being but WAS there FROM the beginning of the eternity of the past, to the beginning of the eternity of the future. UNLIKE human beings the Creator did NOT have a NEED to be created. He IS the essence of eternal life and light.

For now OUR reality is restricted to time and the body we live in. As a result of our sinful nature we are NOT allowed to understand OR perceive WHERE He came from. EVERYTHING we understand ABOUT Him is like the dim reflection in a mirror. Now we ONLY know in part, but ONEDAY when we’ll see Him face to face we’ll know fully WHERE the Creator came from. NOW we ONLY need to understand that HE is this force that was there BEFORE the creation… the forces that Genesis 1:1 is referring to. He IS the omnipotent, the omniscient and the omnipresent. When Moses asked to see His face on Mount Sinai, He told him that ANYONE who sees His face would die (Exodus 23:20).

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