Summary: The most basic essential for any healthy church is a commitment to hearing, learning, and applying God’s Word. We should not only be hearers of God’s Word, but we must become doers.

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone Matthew 4:1-11

There is no way to overestimate the power of the Word of God. It is a blessing just to read it. In the book of Revelation we are promised a blessing just from reading the book.

The most basic essential for any healthy church is a commitment to hearing, learning, and applying God’s Word. We should not only be hearers of God’s Word, but we must become doers.

The bible tells us and shows us how to understand God’s will in our lives. Every one of us are born in sin. The bible tells us that we are born in sin and shapened into iniquity. In other words we are born to sin, but we are born again not to sin. (Let Me Say That Again).

Through the Word of God we become new creatures in Christ.


I wonder how many of us came to church today with the expectation that God was going to speak to us? Did you come here today with a desire to hear and obey His word? Perhaps coming to church has become merely a habit, or tradition. Little thought is given to why we are here and what we are here for. We need to come into this place with the expectation that God will speak to us. Every Sunday we need to come with an eagerness of mind, with an openness of heart to hear what God will say.

Some of us think that since we are born again, the old nature is gone. I need to let somebody know this morning that the old nature is not far and if you feed him enough he will show up at your door.

If you don’t feed your spirit man on a daily basis, the word of God, the old man nature will start rising up again. You will find yourself cursing when there is nothing to curse about. Worrying when there is nothing to worry about. Fighting, when there is nothing to fight about. You will find yourself complaining when God has already supplied all your needs according to his riches in glory, just like he said he would.

And the reason these things happen is because you are not feeding the spiritual man with the Word of God. Somebody said, that within my heart there are two natures, one I love and one I hate, but the one I feed will dominate.

-- I don’t know about you, but I need the Word today

-- Singing in the choir is alright, but you need Some Word

-- Being on the deacon board is a noble service, but you need the Word

-- Praise Team can harmonize so sweetly but you still need Some Word

-- I Can't Slack on the Word – I Can't half step on the Word, I can’t come to church Sunday after Sunday and not listen to the Word.

The Bible is not just a textbook to be studied; it is what God uses to change hearts and lives.

It contains light to direct you, food to support you, and comfort to cheer you. Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy.

For the bible says, that the Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway.

The Word of God is a judge a discerner of the thoughts and intentions .... of the heart.

The word of God is no dead letter, it is living, it is alive.... And it will penetrate your very soul.

The Word of God is not only a living word but

Secondly,..... Is an Active Powerful Word

"For the word of God is living and active."

"News articles may inform us. Novels may inspire us. Poetry may enrapture us. But only the living, active Word of God can .... transform us." It is alive!

We need to first get the word into our head. Then we need to get it into our hearts. Finally, we need to make sure it gets lived in our lives.

Just like you need to take your vitamins everyday, you need to take the vitamin of the Word of God every day. When your spirit man is fed, you will recognize the lies of the carnal man. You won’t let the carnal man take control of you. He is no longer in control; you now have a new master.

I want to let you know this morning that it is not easy to live a concecrated life that fully mirrors the life of Jesus Christ. Sometime it’s hard to do, What Would Jesus Do. Sometimes we walk after the flesh and not after the spirit.

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Lisa Campbell

commented on Dec 7, 2016

Good morning saints in Jesus christ. This morning the Lord minster this word to me so i.been looking for answers what Jesus been minister to me about. Please Explain to me.

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