Summary: A Fathers day message for the men of the church to accept the challenge the Lord gives for us to be all we can be for the Kingdom of God.

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Man up

1 King 2:1- 4


It’s Father’s day, so I am directing my thoughts to the men, but the message will benefit everyone in the family.

As a father of 5, 3 boys, 2 girls, 4 teenagers in the house at the same time. I know what a responsibility it is to raise children. To be a father.

Today is the day that they acknowledge us.

Tie sales were high this week.

They say that a father is a guy who carries a picture where his money use to be.

The difference between mothers day and Fathers day. The gifts are about 30 dollars cheaper.

What does God’s word have to say to us men today that will affect and filter down to everyone in our family that we love.

1 Kings 2:1-4 read

Israel at this time was the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

They were the superpower.They forgot a lot of times that it was because God defeated the enemies. God protected them.

America today, is the superpower.

We are getting stretched pretty thin on all fronts.

Our economy was booming.

Our national pride was at a high level.

Our allies use to be counted worthy.

President Obama is the most powerful man in the world.

Because of what is behind his name. (Superpower USA).

But there are a lot of people and leaders ready to challenge him.

King David, the most powerful king, of the most powerful nation at that time.

What advice did he give to his son Solomon? The one that would precede him on the throne.

I am going the way of all the earth I am dying

He didn’t say conquer more enemies.

He didn’t say enjoy the victory and live rebellious.

He didn’t give him a book on the power of positive thinking.

He told him to be strong

Are you strong enough to be a man?

Churches filled mostly with women.

Women pulling the majority of weight in the families.

He told his son..Look, I am not going to be around.

Man Up Be strong The gauntlet is being passed.

The world says:

I wear the pants,

The John Wayne type,

The Dirty Harry type. Make my day , don’t be a whimp No crying allowed

But it has shifted gears:

They paint a picture today of men that have nothing to say.

They have given up their authority in the family.

They imply that women have by force taken the lead.

Some imply that man doesn’t even control the remote anymore

King David to Solomon

sure we have to secure the kingdom

sure we will have to fight for what’s right. Weak king, we will be taken over.

power not by abuse, but by respect.

Clint Eastwood may get the criminal by being dirty Harry, but God is looking for a few men who man up and be the man that God wants them to be Without losing their manly character we were created with.

Real man is a Godly man.

You cannot call upon the Lord if you have no relationship with God.

You cannot lead your family if you have no direction for your life.

You cannot be Godly without God.

God’s plan for men.

I. Real men have a faithful walk with God.

“Be strong, show yourself a man, and observe what the Lord your God requires” v2

You cannot take someone further that you yourself have been.

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