Summary: When you get passionate for God and His work: God’s will for your life will take priority over your own selfish plans.

Wafers made with honey!

Numbers 16: 13 “So it was that quails came up at evening and covered the camp, and in the morning the dew lay all around the camp.”

Would you like to take a sneak-preview into the personal life of a woman preacher? Here we go! It was Sunday, we had taken the children to church and on our way back we picked up chicken for a special meal, being a holiday. Since I had sent my maid away for a vacation, I had a whole lot of job on my hands. No sooner did we enter our home, I received an urgent call from the elder of a local church pleading me to immediately come and preach in the morning service. I looked at the kitchen sink brimming with vessels to be washed, the chicken which was yet to be cooked and my children who were waiting to wallop the chicken. Not much time to decide, though. My heart certainly went out for the church who were hungrily waiting for God’s Word! I quickly set off to action on jet speed! Performing with dead lines is a way of life, but this situation was crazy; nevertheless, in about ten minutes the rice was in the cooker, the chicken in the pan and I was near the door. Don’t ask me how! After giving instructions to my daughter to monitor the kitchen, I was off to the church.

After a glorious service, we returned home much past lunch time; however, the children were waiting. As I watched the famished family settle themselves in the dining chairs, my heart skipped a beat! Honestly, I was scared to open the pan! Would the chicken stare daggers at me? What can one expect from ten minutes cooking? I dared to serve the food, though. Did I hear right? I heard someone say, “yummy chicken!” and another voice say, ”lovely food.” I did not say a word because I knew I don’t deserve them. As I obeyed to serve Him, He had walked into my kitchen to help my family! Find that crazy idea? The ‘yummy chicken’ was an empirical evidence of God’s presence in my home! No way could I turn out meat into a classy dish in ten minutes! Let us acknowledge God’s Hands even in small things in our life and give Him the glory!

Let me take you back to the Old Testament period of the Bible and show you how God fed His people with heavenly bread called manna. Do you know how they tasted? There were no kitchens in the wilderness, nor did they butter the bread; yet it was yummy. The Bible says, ‘the people of Israel called the bread manna. It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey.’ Wafers made with honey! Oh yes, God can not only add flavor to the food, but He can add favor and flavor to your life as well!

I happened to speak to a young divorced girl over phone, who sounded chirpy and happy, despite the loneliness and uncertainty in her life. She firmly trusted God for her future. Anybody listening? When we meticulously follow Him, do His will and live just for Him, He can step in, to work miracles in our life. When you get passionate for God and His work: God’s will for your life will take priority over your own selfish plans, your life will take on an eternal dimension and your life will be grounded in God. God bless you!

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