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Summary: Nothing can be more heart-breaking when people who had once been sugary-sweet suddenly turn insipid!

‘Open, Simsim’

Manna ceased!

Joshua 5:12”Then the manna ceased on the day after they had eaten the produce of the land; and the children of Israel no longer had manna, but they ate the food of the land of Canaan that year.”

Nothing can be more heart-breaking when people who had once been sugary-sweet suddenly turn insipid! I struggled in the initial days to understand this fact; however, I was able to comprehend after much grave pondering, that everything is momentary except the love and grace of God! I wish I could pretend that I don’t have expectations from people on whom I invest my prayers, time and love! Suddenly people who call me day in and day out vanished, people who would come and wait for me in the railway station did not care to even call me when I was in town, people who would hang around me 24/7 ignored me, these things shattered me initially; I would break my head to figure out reasons. Finally I realized it was designed by God! I still cannot be cool when someone leaves me despite several years of experience and betrayal! Call me weak, emotional or unstable if you will, but I get comforted in the everlasting arms of God!

The frequent ringing of the mobile and the comforting words would one day cease! It is now that the Comforter would walk in and teach you to rejoice in Him. Today, I may not be matured enough to be immune to pain and indifference but I sure have slowly metamorphosed not to look for ‘reasons’ but accept it as a ‘growing process.’ Sure, all these tears, pain of separation, sudden vanishing of people, ceasing of telephone calls, email and abandonment has made me love Him more and more. He walks in promptly with the soothing balm for the wound! It was my birthday and some of the people who would start wishing me a month ahead had just thought it not necessary to call and wish me, but God on that specific day guided me to a lovely church, and comforted me through the sermon and worship. I still marvel at His compassion, understanding and love! Why do we need anything more or anyone else? Tell me.

a) Manna stops so that we could relearn to rely on Him rather than lean on people. Are you there? At times, we get lazy and lethargic when things reach you at your beck and call, God trains you through tough lessons to be hard working. When the Israelites grabbed their baskets and came out in the morning to grab some ‘manna’ which were like wafers made with honey, they found none but sand on the ground. Imagine their shock! I guessed they wondered, ‘where is God?’ Why did he forsake us? Wait a minute! When did the manna stop? They were no more in the wilderness but in Gilgal which was in Canaan! God expected them to sow, water the ground, toil and eat the produce of the land. Are you listening? Stop depending on others for a living.

b) Manna stops to turn us to a different direction! I am speaking to someone out there! If the door closes in one city, God would open another! I

c) Manna was meant only for a season not always; don’t take manna from Heaven for granted! Don’t expect for miracles to happen 7 days a week, live on faith. Knock until it opens, don’t expect magic. Have you heard of the fascinating story of ‘Alibaba and 40 thieves’ and his magic words ‘Open, Simsim’ which instantly opened the wide doors of a cave that stored gold, silver and riches. Some of us love to say, ‘ open simsin’ instead of hard prayers! Wake up!

Learn to fast, read His Word and pray for God’s blessings!

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