Summary: Jesus, in picking His disciples, shows us what following Him is all about. Series on Mark

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The Plan

Hernando Cortes had a plan. He wanted to lead an expedition into Mexico to capture its vast treasures. When he told the Spanish governor his strategy, the governor got so excited that he gave him 11 ships and 700 men. Little did the governor know that Cortes had failed to tell him the entire plan. After months of travel, the eleven ships landed in Veracruz in the spring of 1519. As soon as the men unloaded the ships, Cortes instituted the rest of his plan. He burned the ships.

Steve Farrar, Point Man, p. 81

God has a plan for our life and it involves commitment. Jesus calls us to follow Him, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost? Luke 9:23-25

Commitment seems to be a nasty word today. We like the word “options.”

Ellen Goodman, a syndicated columnist, calls this person an “option tender.” This person “works carefully at his job, but always has his resume out… Others value commitment … he values options… His father had obligations, he has freedom; here his father had a wife, three children, a mortgage and a vice-presidency, he has – options.” She then wonders, “When do options become emptiness?”

We would like to keep our options open and still follow Christ, (set the conditions) yet he asks for our full life in following Him. So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple. Luke 14:33

What does Jesus’ call entail as He calls us to follow Him.


A. Jesus calls ordinary people.

B. We are the ones that look for credentials behind the name.

Resumes of Apostles

To: Jesus, Son of Joseph

Woodcrafter’s Carpenter Shop

Nazareth 25922

From: Jordan Management Consultants

Dear Sir:

Thank you for submitting the resumes of the twelve men you have picked for managerial positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken our battery of tests; and we have not only run the results through our computer, but also arranged personal interviews for each of them with our psychologist and vocational aptitude consultant.

The profiles of all tests are included, and you will want to study each of them carefully.

As part of our service, we make some general comments for your guidance, much as an auditor will include some general statements. This is given as a result of staff consultation, and comes without any additional fee.

It is the staff opinion that most of your nominees are lacking in background, education and vocational aptitude for the type of enterprise you are undertaking. They do not have the team concept. We would recommend that you continue your search for persons of experience in managerial ability and proven capability.

Simon Peter is emotionally unstable and given to fits of temper. Andrew has absolutely no qualities of leadership. The two brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, place personal interest above company loyalty. Thomas demonstrates a questioning attitude that would tend to undermine morale. We feel that it is our duty to tell you that Matthew had been blacklisted by the Greater Jerusalem Better Business Bureau; James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus definitely have radical leanings, and they both registered a high score on the manic-depressive scale.

One of the candidates, however, shows great potential. He is a man of ability and resourcefulness, meets people well, has a keen business mind, and has contacts in high places. He is highly motivated, ambitious, and responsible. We recommend Judas Iscariot as your controller and right-hand man. All of the other profiles are self-explanatory.

We wish you every success in your new venture.


Jordan Management Consultants

Eating Problems for Breakfast by Tim Hansel, Word Publishing, 1988, pp. 194-19

D. These were men who:

•were hard working common men doing an

ordinary job

•were doing a necessary job

•were meeting not only their needs, but

the needs of others

E. We need to quit trying to be someone else for God to use and allow Him to mold us into the disciple He can use!


A. Look at the two parts of Jesus’ call.

1. “Follow Me”

We become a member of God’s family.

We live out the message of Jesus.

It is not about us! It is about Jesus.

2. “Fishers of men”

Our job is to share Jesus with others.

We need to “look for” and minister to the lost sheep. Luke 19:10 for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

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